He Reigns

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Mildred said…
So nice to meet you thru TSMSS Michelle. Wonderful message in song you have shared today.

Re the Love Comes Softly dvd's, many folks say that the Hallmark Channel plays these often and also they are available in most public libraries.
Lisa notes... said…
I never get tired of hearing this song. So thankful that God really does reign. I need Him to!
Michelle said…
Thank you Mildred.
I'll have to check them out sometime.
MyJourneyBack said…
This is a great song. I didn't really know who they were exactly but I heard thier songs on the radio and church. But one Sat. I was going to church with my daughter and we sat down she had to go to the restroom before church. She came running back and said "Mom I think the newsboys are here!" I was surprised of course asked why. She had seen a kiosk with thier c.d.s set up. Sure enough they were there. Now I can say I know who they are! Thanks for bringing back that fun memory for me.
Have a Blesse Day,
Karen said…
I haven't heard this one before...awesome song!
Misty said…
I love this song! Just makes my spirit dance.. twirling around my house praising God! He reigns! Thank you for sharing.