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You Alone Are God

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A CSN Online Stores Review

Have you seen CSN Stores online? Eileen, from CSN Promotion Team, contacted me about doing a review. They have so much to offer it took me a while to decide what I wanted. Finally I decided on, not one, but two products to review. It is so convenient to shop their 200+ online stores. The products are listed in category's with one stop checkout.
                 First I decided on Farberware non-stick carbon steel 11" X 17" cookie pan and next was the Simply Calphalon 5 qt chili pot. I received the chili pot within days, and about a week for the cookie sheet.

              I was looking for the right recipe to try with the cookie pan and decided on "coconut/puffed rice" cookies. There was room to bake over a dozen cookies at one time, and they turned out great! The pan is attractive and easy to clean. It also comes with care and use instructions. The baking surface is non-stick so it doesn't require non-stick sprays. I am finding it depends wh…

Better Than A Hallelujah

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Coming Soon: CSN Stores Review

I am so excited to say, as a CSN Preferred Blogger, I get to review another CSN product from one of their 200+ online stores. CSN has so much to offer with reasonable prices and quality items. Items such as LED lighting, futons and microwave ovens. You could literally spend all day exploring their site. There is something for everyone.

(1) Atlantic Furniture Windsor Bed
(2) Seth Thomas Rustic Outdoor Wall Clock
(3) Telescope Casual Light 'n Easy High Boy

Have you seen CSN advertised before?
Check back soon to see which item I review.

**I received a gift coupon worth $60 from CSN Stores.

`Cast of Characters` by Max Lucado

Max Lucado tells the stories of the "Cast of Characters" in simple, everyday language. If you have ever felt unimportant, unloved, undesirable or common in some way you will find you're not alone. You would be sure to see yourself in one of these characters. Some examples are: Mephibosheth was handicapped, Lazarus had a great testimony and the Apostle Paul was a "hidden" hero.
                   At the end of each chapter are questions to reflect on and discuss, making the book great for personal devotions, or group settings. There are also scripture references at the beginning of each chapter which successfully convey Biblical truths.
                   I would like to thank Thomas Nelson for allowing me to review another Max Lucado book. I continue to say that Mr. Lucado is one of my all time favorite Christian Inspirational authors.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

Bible in 90 Days!!

Come join as she hosts the 90 day Bible reading challenge.
This challenge is from July 5 - October 2, 2010.
Completed! I Did It!!

`Blind Hope` (by) Kim Meeder and Laurie Sacher

I love reading books about animals and this one is no different. "Blind Hope" captured my heart from cover-to-cover. Laurie is reliving her life through this book.
               The story opens as she dreams of getting the perfect dog. She had her heart set on getting a beautiful tri-colored Australian shepherd mix. Instead the dog she adopts has a dull, tangled coat, is skinny and has bad breath. At first thought, Laurie did not want this dog, but decided to take it so it would not appear that her loving compassion was only a facade.
                As the story develops Laurie shares her search for anything that would fulfill her, anything that would give her life meaning. I could feel for her, as I know how it is to want to fit in but not quite making it. She had been running away from God, trying desperately to "fit in" in this world. Because of the actions of her dog, "Mia", she begins to gain perspective.
                My heart be…