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Wednesday Hodgpodge ~ 349

Welcome to Hodgepodge Wednesdays.
It's been a long time since my last Hodgepodge and I have many more readers now that don't know much about me. I thank Joyce for leading this weekly meme. This is her 349th weekly Hodgepodge.

1. They say you learn something new every day. What did you learn yesterday? 

During my Bible study of the Psalms, I learned God will sustain us as he did David.

2. Have you ever had a now or never moment? Elaborate. 

I can't say that I have.

3.  April 25th is National Telephone Day. Do you still have a landline or have you gone mobile only? When you receive a text message do you respond immediately? Last time you turned your phone off?  In two or three sentences share with us a story/memory/incident from your childhood (or something current if that's too hard) where the telephone is featured. 

We have mobile phones, as well as OOMA an internet phone service. Respond immediately to a text message? Depends on who it is. I usually don't turn my phone…

Earth Day (Sunday, April 22, 2018)

Here is a list of scripture verses to contemplate this Earth Day.

(1) All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made (John 1:3 ~ KJV)

(2) Thus saith God the LORD, He that created the heavens, and stretched them out; He that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; He that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walketh therein: (Isaiah 42:5 ~ KJV)

(3) Let the heavens rejoice,  and let the earth be glad; let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof. Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice (Psalm 96: 11-12 ~ KJV)

(4) For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: (Romans 1: 20 ~ KJV)

(5) Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things …

Review: In His Image

ByJen Wilkin Sometimes we ask What is God’s will for my life? when we should really be asking Who should I be? The Bible has an answer: Be like the very image of God.

By exploring ten characteristics of who God is—holy, loving, just, good, merciful, gracious, faithful, patient, truthful, and wise—this book helps us understand who God intends for us to be. Through Christ, the perfect reflection of the image of God, we will discover how God’s own attributes impact how we live, leading to freedom and purpose as we follow his will and are conformed to his image.

        `In His Image` 10 Ways God Calls us to Reflect His Character by author Jen Wilkin is a Spiritual growth book for believers. Jen says most Christians are asking the wrong question, `What Should I Do`, instead they should ask, `Who Should I Be`? She says, `If we focus on our actions without addressing our hearts, we may end up merely as better behaved lovers of self.` (see introduction)

        In describing the four kinds o…

Review: 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage

`9 Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage` is a Christian living book by author Sue Detweiler. Whether your marriage is soaring on cloud nine or needs some work this is a book on building lasting relationships.

        We all enter marriage with how we perceive it to be. The husband has his thoughts about it, as does the wife. The author lists several traits of a life-giving marriage. Sue is a preacher's wife and her husband gives his thoughts in the book as well. Some of the life-giving traits are acceptance, friendship, and honesty. There are others listed in this book and others that could be listed.

        I appreciate that the author focuses on God and how he designed our spouses to be. He never meant for us to condemn our spouse and the author does note that acceptance does not mean allowing abuse of any kind. It is interesting that couples with what is tagged `The Four Horsemen` (Dr. John Gottman) are most likely to divorce. These Four Horsemen are criticism, contempt, …

Review: 50 Life Lessons for Grads

`50 Life Lessons for Grads`` is a gift book by author Janet Holm McHenry. The lessons are quick and easy reads, only 1 1/2 -2 pages in length. But, they are full of advice. At the end of each segment there is advice from God, and how to live the lesson you just read. This gift book would be great as a gift to High School and College grads. Some of the life lessons are: Love is a Choice, Debt will Chain You Down, You Can Be a Peacemaker and many more. The cover is very eye-catching with its colors. I feel the cover matches the written word because it seems to show a group of people throwing their `bubbles` up after graduation.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."



Lullaby Album, Nighty Night and Good Night Book Both Crafted In Collaboration With VeggieTales Co-Creator Mike Nawrocki
The first new album, Lullaby, and book, Nighty Night and Good Night, from Nurturing Steps release May 4 and May 8 through The Fuel Music and Zonderkidz™ respectfully. These projects also mark the first-ever children’s album and book by Michael, each crafted in collaboration with renowned VeggieTales co-creator Mike Nawrocki. The book is available now to pre-order through or favorite online retailers.

One of the greatest joys of my life is being a parent and a grandparent,” says Michael, the father of five, who is called “G-Daddy” by his 14 grandkids. “I want to serve the next generation well. That’s why I created Nurturing Steps, to provide stories and songs that will help shape the faith of our newest generation.”
For Lullaby, Michael meaningfully arranges his worldwid…

Review: La La Lovely

`La La Lovely` is a Christian Living hardback book with brilliant photographs, inspiring essays, and design tips by author Trina McNeilly. The tagline reads as The Art of Finding Beauty in the Everyday.

        Trina was an everyday blogger,  just like a lot of bloggers. She would blog about her world, where she lived, Then she discovered it was all beauty. Beauty is a child's laughter, a grandmother's hug, and a beautiful sunset. Beauty is what she wants the reader of her book to get, to see. I appreciate that she attributes this beauty to our Creator, God. She says we are naturally creative because we were formed by a Creator.

        At the end of each chapter is a list of suggestions to do; it may be a prayer, a place to write your own list, a list of questions to think about and answer, or something else. I prefer having these suggestions so I can reflect back on the previous chapter.

        Trina begins her book with brokenness. Her parents are getting a divorc…

Q & A with Saundra Staats McLemore

Please welcome author Saundra Staats McLemore to New Horizon Reviews.

Saundra, thank you for taking time out of your much busy schedule for an interview.

(1)What was the hardest thing about writing `Christmas Hotel`?

My protagonist in Christmas Hotel is twenty-year-old widow Jerilyn Seifert.  The book opens with Jerilyn trying to get a grip on her grief after her husband is killed at Pearl Harbor. I think handling grief is quite difficult when writing, as everyone grieves differently. In Jerilyn’s case, she thinks God has turned His back on her, she feels she’s on her own, and she spirals into depression.
(2)What do you most want readers to remember about your book, `Christmas Hotel`?

I hope my readers will remember that no matter what happens in life, God is in control. Put your trust in Him, and He will see you through any situation.
(3) Who is your biggest supporter? Tell us about them, and why they are such an amazing person.
My mother was always my biggest supporter. She was…

Review: Living a Life You Love

`Living a Life You Love` is a hardback Christian Living book by author Joyce Meyer. I chose to review this book because I have heard Joyce speak and I like her teaching. She points out that we can love everything about our life (God, Family & Friends) and yet not love our life. Always wishing we had someone else's life. She talks from her own experiences in always wanting that elusive `something else` to satisfy our longing in our soul.

        However, she now says she loves the life God gave her. It may not be perfect but she still loves it. So I believe the reason Joyce wrote this book is to teach the reader how they can also love their life, because it is a gift from God.

        I like the following quotes from the book. "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all" (Oscar Wilde). "If love is the central theme of our life, then we will love the life we are living" (Joyce Meyer).

        At the end of each chapter i…

Review: Christmas Hotel

`Christmas Hotel` is a historical romance novel taking place about the time of Pearl Harbor attack written by author Saundra Staats McLemore. The setting is a small town in America, 1941. Jerilyn Marlene Seifert, the female protagonist, has recently received news that her husband was killed during the attack at Pearl Harbor. She decided she could no longer live where his memories abounded. So she was train-bound to Nashville, TN. where his family lived. Instead, she is stranded in a small town in KY where the train had made a stop. As things work out she decides to stay and not go to Nashville.

        She found room and board at the local hotel, `Christmas Hotel` where decorations for Christmas was up year-round, and she was hired to work at the local diner. Jerilyn had become pregnant with her husband's baby before his death. She is reaching out to the Lord for direction as to keep the baby or put it up for adoption.

        I appreciate how Jesus and Christianity were …


Acclaimed Acting Legend From Lord of The Rings and Indiana Jones Films Joins Annual Annie Moses Summer Music Festival As Guest Performer, Masterclass Instructor, Gala Host
  Lends Talents As The Narrator In The World-Premiere Of Brand-New Musical Merry Christmas, Uncle Scrooge!
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville-based award-winning, Juilliard-educated Annie Moses Band, known for its impeccable artistry and genre-defying music, announces today that eminent Shakespearean and acting legend John Rhys-Davies, one of modern cinema's most recognizable character actors, will join them as part of the 15th anniversary celebration of the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival this July in Nashville.
As part of the week’s festivities, Rhys-Davies will perform the starring role as the narrator in the world-premiere of the brand-new Broadway-style musical by Robin Donica Wolaver andBill WolaverMerry Christmas Uncle Scrooge!which is based on the Charles Dickens classic story A Christmas Carol. Additionally…