Review: Unshakeable Trust

Book Blurb:

In her new book, New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer explores a life lived in complete and total dependence on God. Drawing on her own experiences and inspiration from the Word of God, Joyce makes the case that in every area of your life--spiritually, relationally, emotionally, financially--you can trust that God has your very best in store. 

With each new chapter, Joyce unveils a sovereign and trustworthy God who longs to be in a relationship with his people, and inspires you to tear down the walls of self-reliance. This book will both equip and encourage, as you learn how to "trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." 

Regardless of your past pain, your present circumstances, or your future uncertainty, when you learn to trust God each day, you'll experience the joy-filled life Jesus came to give you. Others may have let you down . . . but God never will!

        `Unshakeable Trust` is a Christian living book by author Joyce Meyer. I wanted to read this book because I want unshakeable trust in Jesus. I am familiar with Joyce Meyer since I have read several of her books and worked on some of her studies, so I have learned to trust her writings. I think the author was motivated to write this book because she has struggled with trust issues, too.

        I learned that while we are going through trials and tribulations if we will trust God and do good we can have joy without being happy about our circumstances. I like the quote on page #89 that reads: `God sometimes waits to answer because we are asking the wrong question.` Also, the quote on page #179 reads: `We will have to trade our independence for dependence on Jesus if we ever want to have true success.`

        Unshakeable Trust is the type of book the reader will want to refer to again and again. Reading it is a great beginning, but most people won't develop that unshakeable trust overnight, it is a process. It takes much prayer and tuning into God's voice.

        I recommend this book to any reader wants more trust in God.

       Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

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Sandee said…
Trust in God through a storm can be difficult for many. This sounds like a great way to understand the importance of trust.

Have a fabulous day, Michelle. ☺
Create With Joy said…
This is such a good book Michelle - thanks for sharing your review at The Book Nook at Create With Joy! :-)

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