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        Artist Tim Timmons of 10000 Minutes has produced an exciting album for kids and their parents. It's the lively, contemporary music many have grown to love. It will be available to the public on September 22, 2017. This Bible-based, kid-tested, parent-approved album came about as a result of Tim's 10000 Minutes Movement and his personal life story.

About Tim Timmons/10,000 MINUTES Kids:
Tim Timmons is a singer, songwriter, worship leader and founder of 10,000 MINUTES, the non-profit equipping ministry led by Timmons and executed through various creative outlets such as live performance, blog, podcast, video, songwriting, devotionals, worship leader interaction, speaking, film/TV production and conferences. 10,000 MINUTES/10,000 MINUTES Kids exists to invite, inspire and equip people to know & follow Jesus all week long. To learn more about 10,000 MINUTES or to read Timmons’ latest blog, visit http://www.10000minutes.com.

Below please find the lyrics for `Who I Am`. The namesake of Timmons album.

Who I Am 
Tim Timmons / Ethan Hulse 

I’m alive, I’m alive, cuz you’re living in me I’m a child, I’m a child of the one true King I am loved, I am loved I’m forgiven and free It’s true (It’s the WildLife) That’s who I am in You  


For all the latest information on Tim Timmons, including music, touring, etc., go to:

I received this information free from Tim Timmons Music.


Sandee said…
I like this. A great thing for our youth.

Have a blessed day, Michelle. ☺
Marilyn said…
This is a wonderful review. Parents should be excited about his ministry and offering of his music. I love the lyrics you included.
Great review.
Michelle F said…
Sandee, yes, I love that there are some great things out there for our youth.

Thanks for stopping by. God Bless
Michelle F said…

The package deal I was sent included some of his music.
I agree parents should be excited!

Thanks for stopping by!

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