Review: Colors of Christmas

        `Colors of Christmas` is a collection of two different stories by author Olivia Newport. In the first story eighty-year-old Astrid wants to stir up some Christmas cheer and in the second story, Angela just wants Christmas to be over.

        Astrid fell and broke some bones so now she lives in an assisted living apartment. It's Christmas and Astrid is helping to put decorations on the Christmas trees. It reminds her of Christmas time when she was a child. Another memory from her childhood occurs when so hears the bell for a fire drill, she remembers what life was like in Wuerzburg, Germany under the rule of Hitler.

        Carly is a young mother who finds it hard to juggle work and her child's daycare. I could relate to Carly with her guy trouble and that of being a single parent. Carly was Astrid's physical therapist at the apartments. While Carly worked on helping Astrid heal Astrid told Carly what life was like when she was a child in Germany.

        Angela, a young widow and a piano teacher who usually organized a Christmas recital just wanted Christmas to be over. She had recently lost her best friend and wasn't in the mood for Christmas. This is a great story about the Christmas that almost wasn't.

        There are reflection questions at the back of the book that make this a great Christmas book club choice. I recommend this book to fans of Christmas stories.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."


Sandee said…
Sounds like a very good read. I don't want to talk about Christmas just yet though.

Have a blessed weekend, Michelle. ☺
Thank for stopping over. This sounds like a good book. You know I love Christmas!
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I think I'd enjoy this book very much. Christmas is a very stressful time for many people. Most suicides happen around Christmas and New Year. These holidays are mean to be spent with family and friends, but sometimes people are alone. I used to do social work - sorry for the lecture. Any hoo, the book sounds like a good mix of happiness and sadness. I used to work with the elderly and some ladies just loved any excuse for a party. I learned a lot from them.