Review: 12 Days at Bleakly Manor


        `12 Days at Bleakly Manor` is a Christian fiction book by author Michelle Griep. It is book one in the Once Upon a Dickens Christmas series. Book two, `A Tale of Two Hearts` is set to be published fall of 2018. There is an extended preview of book two in the back of book one.

        The setting of `12 Days at Bleakly Manor` is London, England - 1850. The female protagonist, Clara Chapman, is respectfully heralded to stay at Bleakly Manor for twelve nights. If she stays she will earn 500 English pounds.

        I am reminded of the game `Clue` because of the ingenious names (the butler, Mr. Minnow, Mademoiselle Pretents, Miss Scurry, Clara, and Mr. Pocket) as well as the huge roomy mansion, like that in the game of `Clue`, and a who-done-it mystery. The last person to remain at Bleakly Manor will receive a reward.

        This was a clean, wholesome story and would make a great book club choice. There are historical notes on Victorian Christmas traditions at the back of the book which I found to be of interest. I was especially interested in the fact that the traditional Wassail drink came from a Victorian tradition of revelers holding up a mug of spiced cider and shouting, `Waes Hael!` which means be hale or be well.

        I recommend this book as a book club read and to anyone who likes a great mystery.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this ebook. All opinions are my own."

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Sandee said…
You sold me at clean and wholesome. Okay the mystery is a nice touch too.

Have a blessed day, Michelle. ☺
Marilyn said…
After reading the review I am drawn to this book making it a must have on my Christmas list.

Thanks Michelle for a great review!
South Carolina

Michelle F said…
Sandee: Yes, clean, wholesome mysteries are great!

Marilyn: I hope you get a chance to read it.
Aileen Stewart said…
Mysteries are fun and the cover on this one makes me think it too would be a fun read. Thanks for sharing!

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