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                                  Please welcome Jan Edttii Thompson to New Horizon Reviews.

Jan, Thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to stop by New Horizon Reviews.

(1) What has been the most surprising aspect of becoming a published author? How much I enjoy the process of bringing my books to market. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but publishing and marketing are interesting, albeit totally different from writing itself.

(2) What is your strangest experience, whatsoever? Can’t think of any!

(3) Who was the first author who inspired you to write? My mom is an unpublished writer. Seeing her write her manuscripts inspired me to write too. She is no longer writing, but I am.

(4) What book have you reread the most? The Bible.

(5) If you could have 2 wishes fulfilled, what would they be? One of my prayers is to see my brothers come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. And for my saved family members to grow spiritually in the Lord.

(6) What are the challenges/benefits of writing in your genre? I write in multiple genres, so one of the biggest challenges for me is to manage all my genres every week. I have to deal with many aspects of each book and series every week, so I have to juggle among contemporary Christian romance, Christian romantic suspense, and Christian techno thrillers. God is good, and with His help, I press on.

(7) Where would you live if you had a choice? I chose to live here in Georgia, so here I am. I would love to visit some other places and take photographs, but my bucket list is so long that I don’t know when I’ll be able to travel these days. Certainly, time is an issue also, so lately my family and I have only been able to take short vacations.

(8) Have you ever visited the places you write about? Yes. It’s always more fun if I’ve seen the places myself. I am completing a novel right now, set in Alaska, where I’ve been twice. In this same series, Book 1 is about the Bahamas and Book 2 is set in the Great Smoky Mountains. I’ve been to both places. My Savannah Sweethearts series is set mostly in Savannah and on Tybee Island. My Seaside Chapel novels are set on St. Simon’s Island. I’ve been to those coastal towns multiple times. Vacation Sweethearts: JanThompson.com/vacation Savannah Sweethearts: JanThompson.com/savannah Seaside Chapel: JanThompson.com/seaside

(9) Are you a re-reader? Why or why not? What are some books you have re-read if any? I always reread the Bible. God has so much more to say that I haven’t learned. I feel that every time I read the Bible, I learn something new, even if it’s a verse that I have read for decades. I also reread my own books multiple times over, before and after they get to my editor and proofreader. I write several series concurrently, and they are all interconnected in the same story world, and I don’t write them all in chronological order. So I do reread my backlists so everything is still connected when I am done with the entire series. I usually don’t reread other novelists’ books, but I do re-read non-fiction books if they’re references books. I tend to have pages bookmarked everywhere, e.g. Photoshop how-to books.

(10) Do you write better in rainy, cool, or sunny days? I write best on quiet days. Peaceful days. Uneventful days. A lot of times, I write under deadlines, so it doesn’t matter what the weather is outside. As long as it’s not a major storm where the power lines are down. I’d better be able to write under any writing condition or I will not be able to keep my publishing schedule. With God’s help, things get done. Then again, time is in God’s hands.

Jan, I love your answers and I especially love how you include God and the Bible.

Exciting News:

Book News:

I’d like to tell you about an all-new, never-before-published set of novels in an anthology that my author friends and I have put together for this summer. CHERISH is a boxed set that is exclusive to Amazon, and it includes my new novel, ASK YOU LATER, which is a prequel to the Savannah Sweethearts series, as well as a prelude to Vacation Sweethearts, Protector Sweethearts, Seaside Chapel, and Seaside Cottages series. Some of these series are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Ask You Later (Savannah Sweethearts Prequel) http://JanThompson.com/ask A struggling artist tries to get his recycled mixed-media art pieces displayed at a local art gallery now run by the owner’s daughter who has zero appreciation for his folk art.

Cherish: Seven Tender Christian Romance Novels http://www.janthompson.com/multi-author-box-sets/cherish.htmlhttp://www.janthompson.com/multi-author-box-sets/cherish.html From seven best-selling Christian authors comes a compilation of brand new, never-before-published contemporary Christian romance novels for your summer vacation reading. This multi-author anthology is only available for a limited time.

• Kimberly Rae Jordan
• Elizabeth Maddrey
• Autumn Macarthur
• Lesley Ann McDaniel
• Lynnette Bonner
• Heather Gray
• Jan Thompson

CHERISH is not the only anthology I’m in this summer. It has been a busy season. I’m also in two other anthologies in the other subgenres I write.

Targeted for Danger: Eight New Christian Romantic Suspense Novellas http://JanThompson.com/targeted From eight of your favorite bestselling Christian romantic suspense authors comes this anthology of seven brand NEW novellas and one bonus novella of suspense and intrigue to fill your summer reading!

Susan May Warren
• Christy Barritt
• Lynette Eason
• Ginny Aiken
• Margaret Daley
• Elizabeth Goddard
• Susan Sleeman
• Jan Thompson

Kill Zone: Ten Deadly Thrillers http://JanThompson.com/killzone For fans of inspirational and Christian Thrillers! Here are ten brand-new, never-before-published novellas of suspense, intrigue, and thrills from ten of your favorite authors. This special anthology is available for a limited time only!

• Rick Acker
• Christy Barritt
• Patricia Bradley
• Braxton DeGarmo
• Luana Ehrlich
• Heather Day Gilbert
• Heather I. James
• Robert Liparulo
• Jordyn Redwood
• Jan Thompson

Thank you so much for the interview, Michelle! I appreciate your patience waiting for me to get through some major deadlines so I could sit down and answer these great questions! Jan Thompson 

Website: JanThompson.com
Newsletter: JanThompson.com/newsletter

Once again, I would like to thank Jan for visiting New Horizon Reviews


Sandee said…
I love how she included God and the Bible too. Great Q&A.

Have a blessed day and weekend, Michelle. ☺

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