Q & A with author Debbie Lynne Costello

                     Please welcome author Debbie Lynne Costello to New Horizon Reviews

Debbie Lynne Costello has enjoyed writing stories since she was about eight years old. She raised her family and then embarked on her own career of writing the stories that had been begging to be told. She and her husband have four children and live in upstate South Carolina. She has worked in many capacities in her church and is currently the Children's Director. Debbie Lynne has shown and raised Shetland Sheepdogs for eighteen years and still enjoys litters now and then. In their spare time, she and her husband take pleasure in camping and riding their Arabian and Tennessee Walking horses.

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Thanks to each of you for stopping by.
Once again, I thank Debbie Lynne for the interview.
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Interview Questions:

Michelle: What is the overriding lesson you would like your readers to learn from `Sword of the Matchmaker`?

Debbie: There are several lessons or spiritual growths in this novella, but one of them is really learning to be open to God's will for your life. Sometimes we can miss what God has for us if we are sure we don't like or don't want certain things in our lives. 

Michelle: If you wrote an autobiography what would the title of it be?

Debbie: No God, No life - Know God Know life!

Michelle: What are your ideal writing conditions?

Debbie: In my new library with no noise but the chirping birds and a nicker of our horses. 

Michelle: What is the hardest part about writing fiction?

Debbie: The hardest is definitely all the research and making sure I have it right. 

Michelle: Just for fun, chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Debbie: Vanilla every time!

Michelle: Just for fun, what are you watching?

Debbie: My computer. LOL

Michelle: What has been the most surprising aspect of becoming a published author?

Debbie: How much time has to go into getting your book out in front of the public. I love the writing but its all the time spent in promoting that is so hard.

Michelle: What is your strangest experience?

Debbie: I'm drawing a real blank here, Michelle. I know as soon as you put this blog post up I'll get one of those "I could have had a V-8" moments. LOL.

Michelle: Who was the first published author who inspired you to write?

Debbie: MaryLu Tyndall. I love that lady!

Michelle: What book have you reread the most?

Debbie: Gone with the Wind

Debbie, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer the questions.Thank you, Michelle. These were a lot of fun.

Debbie, I enjoyed reading all your answers, especially the one about your autobiography. Without God, there is no life. And yes, MaryLu Tyndall is a great person :)  Oh, and I can only imagine all the research that goes into writing a fiction book which I, for one, appreciate. A non-fiction historical book can be rather dry, but author's like yourself bring history to life.

Debbie Lynne is generously giving away to one lucky reader pick of one of her books in format of their choice. Just leave your email address with your comment. Giveaway ends on August 1st. (This giveaway has ended)

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Sandee said…
Writing seems to be hard, but getting the book on the shelf to sell seems to be very hard and time consuming. Great interview.

Have a blessed day. ☺
Genghis said…
Good job on your interview. Questions were interesting enough without being too probing .
Hey Sandee,
Thanks for coming by. Yes, getting your book out there for people to read is very time consuming and a lot of work!

She Michelle did an awesome job on the questions. They were unique and fun!
Sandee said…
Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks! mycomedyplus@att.net

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Lisa Redecop said…
I havent read any of your books yet so I would love to win one,so enter me in the giveaway please. lisaboesehaems(at)hotmail(.)com
deana dick said…
Love love love your books. Thanks for the chance.
Sandee Thanks for coming by. Good luck.
Hey LIsa, I hope you get a chance to some of my books. Good luck!
Deana!!! Thanks for coming by! You made my day! I'm so glad you enjoy my stories! Good luck!
Michelle Davis said…
I would love the chance to win. Thank you
Michelle Davis said…
I would love the chance to win one of your books thank you
agboss said…
Thanks for the great interview! I can't imagine all the hours that an author puts into a book.....from writing to getting it onto the store shelves. Thank you so much for persevering, Debbie, to bring readers hours of pure reading pleasure!!! ~Alison

I love MaryLu Tyndall's books too!
Thanks for the chance to win one of your books! :)
Abigail Mitchell
It was nice getting to know about Debbie Lynne Costello. Lessons for the spirit is what I look forward at seeking from the works I read. And Sword of the Matchmaker appears to be perfect in this regard.
I am visiting from Literacy Musing Mondays.
Hey Michelle, I hope you do get a chance to read Sword of the Matchmaker. If you don't win here watch my FB for more giveaways or the book is only 2.99 on Amazon. Thanks for coming by.

Alison, Thank you! I love hearing how writers bring reading pleasure to the readers! It put a smile on my face. :o). It is a lot of work but hearing the words you wrote really is what makes it worth the work!

Hello Abigail, MaryLu was a big part of me looking to get published. She mentored me and guided me through those first years and I will always be thankful for her. We've remained good friends and although I am on the East Coast and she is on the West Coast, God still allowed me and my husband to go out and meet her and her hubby. It was amazing how we all hit it off. LOVE that lady!

Hi Anamika! My prayer is that all my books some way point to the Lord. I pray before and during writing and ask God to guide my thoughts and for the words I put down to be the words He wants people to read. I would not be able to write if it were not for Him. God is good!!!
Michelle, Thanks so much for having me on your blog! I'm enjoying visiting with all your peeps!
Michelle F said…
Debbie Lynne, it has been a pleasure having you on my blog.
It's fun seeing how many of these peeps already know you, and those that are meeting you for the first time.
I would love to be entered in your giveaway.
I'm enjoying stopping by, Michelle! I see some familiar names. :)

Debby I will be throwing your name in the hat. Good luck!

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