Review: Esther (Drawn in Bible Study)

    `Esther: Drawn in Bible Study` is written by author Eugene H. Peterson and it features the Message Bible. The thing I enjoyed most about this study was being able to meditate on the Word as I colored the pictures. I think other people should give the Drawn in Bible study a try because they will be able to interact with the story of Esther while they color, answer questions and focus on scripture.

             It is a satisfying way to learn about the Bible that can be enjoyed by young adults and older adults. It would make a great Bible study for a group or individually. The study would take about 4 weeks to finish, working on one section a week. There are two other books in the Drawn in Bible study series, Ruth & Mary. I would like to see more books like this.

             I recommend this series to those reluctant Bible readers, as well as the Bible scholar.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."


Sandee said…
I'm not into coloring though, but the reading would be just fine.

Have a blessed day, Michelle. ☺