My Testimony (For those who haven't read it)

This post is to all friends, family, bloggers & classmates!
 I do realize it's long, however, I pray you will read this post in its entirety. I give all the glory to God and what He does with this post is His choice. 
I can not sit idle, as living for myself alone. I pray that all of you come to the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus! Jesus alone is our salvation. No one knows when we will die (not me, not you). Life is really about eternity, and what we are doing with that now. A dear lady recently lost her son, he was 26, to a heart attack (not drug related, it was hereditary related). It got me to thinking, I can no longer sit idle and watch the world go by as if this is all there is. I wish to tribute this post to Billy. God rest his soul!
My heart aches to get the Word out! Jesus is real, folks! How do I know? I will tell you how I know!

Read the complete testimony here.


Sandee said…
Yet so many laugh at us folks that believe. You do what you have to do. It's the way you wish to travel and I respect that. I too believe.

Have a blessed day. ☺
Thank you for sharing your story again. What an amazing experience you had and I believe you with all my heart. Our God is an awesome God! My prayers go out to your friend who lost her son. ((Hugs))