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Review: She Walks in Power

`She Walks in Power` is a science fiction/fantasy novel written by author MaryLu Tyndall. I chose to read this novel because of the intriguing cover. I felt the cover added depth to the story. The setting is in England, the Middle Ages. This is book one in the ` Protectors of the Spear` series.

        God had ordained Alexia D`Clere as Protector of the spear. At the young age of eight, Alexia was given possession of the spear that pierced Jesus side. She was to guard it with her life.

        I like these quotes from page 120, "In truth, I haven't found so much as a word or phrase about such things as penance and indulgences and the worship of saints. Nor that the Pope is divine and speaks for God." "God's Word tells of salvation through faith alone, faith in the Son of God and His sacrifice on the cross. It says naught about works, save those which we perform to please Him and help our fellow man, those which prove a changed heart within."


Review: David Baloche

Artist David Baloche’s album, Labyrinth, has a calming, soothing effect. After a long day, it's perfect to help settle the soul, body, and mind. Much of his lyrics come from the Holy Bible. King David used scripture and song to help him overcome fear, depression, and anxiety. 

Labyrinth is the first volume of a series that offers unique musical meditations using various translations from the Holy Bible. You may listen to them on Spotify or YouTube . The full album includes songs such as He Hears My Voice, Nothing Can Separate, and Those Who Hope

The complete tracklist for the album, including scriptural references, is:

1.He Hears My Voice (Psalm 55:16-17 NLT) 2.Nothing Can Separate (Romans 8:38 NLT) 3.Come To Me (Matthew 11:28 NIV, ISV, ESV, GWT, BLB & Proverbs 3:24 NIV) 4.Green Pastures (Psalm 23:2-4 NIV) 5.Those Who Hope (Isaiah 40:31 NIV) 6.Lead Me To The Rock (Psalm 61:1-2 NIV, 2, 4 NLT) 7.Groanings Too Deep For Words (Romans 8:26 ESV) 8.As A Father Carries His Son (Deute…

Q & A with author Linore Burkard

It is my pleasure to have author Linore Burkard visit my blog today. Linore is the author of the Pulse Effex series.                        Please give her a warm welcome as you read her interview. Thanks!

Q & A with Linore Burkard:

(1) Besides being an author, what other goals do you have? I am goal-oriented. I write out yearly and monthly goals, so I have quite a few! They range from gardening and home improvement, health, and diet, to Bible study and character growth.  I try to cover all the major areas of life. Each year my focus may laser in on something different than the year before, but I keep lists to stay on track. I pray hard about goals and then move towards them, counting on God for his help and direction.   
(2) What's your least favorite household chore? Washing windows. I'm just not good at it—I always leave streaks. After that would be bathroom cleanup. (I would think I'd died and gone to heaven if my kids ever did a great job at that, without ne…

Review: Defiance

Seven months ago an EMP knocked out the electric grid causing all technology to quit working. It was in the middle of winter leaving people to fight for their life. All of America was affected, along with parts of Canada. Cars would not work, computers and cell phones were down, and the food was running out.
        `Defiance` is a science fiction/mystery novel written by author L.R. Burkard. It is the third novel in the Pulse Effex series. There is a who's who at the beginning so if the reader hasn't read novels one and two they will be acquainted with the characters. Which I like because some series novels leave you hanging as the reader tries to figure out who is who.
        From the start of the novel, there was gripping suspense, good character development, and I was mesmerized by the writing. The overall question seems to be, `How can one still believe in God after seeing the devastation of so many people?` With faith, hope, and charity!
About the author:
Linore …

Review: BIG Picture Interactive Bible

`The BIG Picture Interactive Bible` is a hardback Christian Standard Bible for kids. I love the layout and structure of this Bible. There are sections throughout the Bible that give the definitions of big words, those that help with Seeing the Big picture, a section connecting the child to Christ in the Old and New Testaments and questions that help the child ponder the big idea.

        Throughout the Bible, there are big real-life pictures that draw in the child's interest in the scriptures. I especially liked the packaging it came in through the mail. Lifeway took great care in protecting the Bible from damage.

       I chose the book of `Jonah` to read and get a feel for this Bible. I think most children are familiar with Jonah, the Prophet who didn't want to go to Nineveh and was swallowed by a big fish instead. The introduction of each book in the Bible lists Who the book is about, when was the time frame, Why?, and The Big Picture (summary of the story). The wo…

Review: Too Deep for Words

Too Deep for Words A Civil War Novel Andrea Boeshaar
                                                                                                                                   Carrie Ann Collier has been a newlywed for nineteen blissful days--as blissful as life can be in the midst of war, that is. Soon that war will take a toll she never expected. When her new husband, Peyton, goes missing during battle, she refuses to believe he is dead and must find a way to move forward with everyday life in the face of fear.

As Carrie struggles with how to welcome her estranged sister, Margaret, back into her life, another new arrival appears on her doorstep--her husband's best friend, and rebel officer, Eli. Wounded and bitter, Eli is nonetheless committed to keeping his promise to Peyton: take care of the Collier women, no matter what. But to Carrie, he's a painful reminder of her lost love.

Then unexpected news makes Carrie wonder if miracles do happen. If Carrie infiltrates th…

Q & A with author Jennifer Slattery

It is my pleasure to have author Jennifer Slattery visit my blog today. Jennifer is the author of `Restoring Love`. If you are one of my regular blog readers you may remember my `Restoring Love` book review. But, just in case, here is a link to that review. Just click here if you would like to refresh your memory.

Editor and Novelist and speaker Jennifer Slattery has a passion for helping women discover, embrace, and live out who they are in Christ. As the founder of Wholly Loved Ministries, ( she and her team put on events at partnering churches designed to help women rest in their true worth and live with maximum impact. She writes Christian living articles for and is the managing and acquisitions editor of Guiding Light Women’s Fiction, an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. When not writing, reading, or editing, Jennifer loves going on mall dates with her adult daughter and coffee dates with her hilariously fun husband.

Review: Bible Sleuth: New Testament

`Bible Sleuth: New Testament` Is a puzzle book for children illustrated by Jose Perez Montero. Each page has a summarized Bible story with the scripture address listed with it. This book reminds me of the hunt & find books my children had when they were growing up. On the sidebar, the child will find a list of pictures to find in the hidden pictures puzzle. It took me an hour to sit and read and find the hidden pictures. Each picture has, Mike, a modern day boy to find. Once I found a rhythm to the puzzles I was able to find them faster.

        The books cover is vibrant in color and has a detailed picture like the ones the child will find once opening the book. The text for the book was written by Vanessa Carroll. The primary medium used in the illustrations is drawings. The only thing I didn't like about this book is that some of the hidden pictures are hidden in the crease between the two pages.

        I recommend this book to children ages 8-12, younger if they …

Review: A Spring of Weddings

`A Spring of Weddings` is a contemporary romance Kindle ebook written by author's Toni Shiloh and Melissa Wardwell.

        The first story, A Proxy Wedding, was written by author Toni Shiloh. The female protagonist, Carly James, was to be a proxy bride for her best friend, Brenda. The male protagonist, Damien Nichols, was to be a proxy for his best friend. They were both assured it was legal, only in Montana. Once the vows were set Brenda would be married and stationed in the service where her fiance is stationed.

        The second story, Hope Beyond Savannah, was written by Melissa Wardwell. It is entirely different from the first story as it involves the Samoan language translations, with a glossary to help the reader. However, there are not a lot of Samoan words that take away from the story. It is an easy to understand book.

        The male protagonist, Nik Lagatuo, is described as tall, dark, and handsome. The female protagonist, Lily Allman, is described as short…

Review: Never Unfriended

`Never Unfriended` is a Christian woman's book written by author Lisa-Jo Baker. Lisa-Jo has been the community manager for (in)courage, an online home for women all over the world, for nearly a decade.

        The book is laid out in steps. First telling how the book defines friendship, then asking, `What are you afraid of?`, Also, what can't we do about friendships? What can we do?

        I like the quote on page 6 that reads, `While we might have defined friendship our whole lives by what others do to us; in the end, it`s what we do for others that will define us as friends or not.`

        I learned that Adam and Eve were the first to be afraid because they feared the LORD after they ate of the fruit. Trying to blame someone else besides themselves.

        The chapters are not too long but they are very informative. I also suggest reading the introduction because it is full of good nuggets.

        I highly recommend this book to any woman who has always wanted a…

Review: Reach for Me

`Reach for Me` is a contemporary mystery/suspense novel written by author Jan Thompson. It is the second novel in the Vacation Sweethearts series. I prefer the first in the series over this one.

        This novel begins with good characters and beautiful writing like most Christian contemporary novels. Then there is a slight twist into suspense. Some places had me on my toes as I read and I wish there had been more suspense. However, in several places, I became engaged and didn't want to put the novel down.

        I read the Kindle version and found several literary errors toward the end of this version. Examples are: in chapter 31 the word he was used instead of his, and, in the same chapter, future was used instead of further. However, having said that, I recommend this book to fans of contemporary novels. It would make a great weekend read.  I like that there were scripture verses quoted throughout the novel.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. …