Review: Getting Jesus Wrong

        `Getting Jesus Wrong` is a Christian Living/Spiritual Growth book written by author Matt Johnson. Matt Johnson is an armchair student of theology. The main argument of this book is that of Christ and Him crucified for our sins and Salvation. The approach to this subject is descriptive. The author tells about his life experiences as a Christian and then tells what true Christianity is.

        The author points out what he thought it meant to be a Christian: a positive attitude and clean living. He admits to not always having either a positive attitude or clean living. So what was he to do? In fact, he states neither one can save you. He supports his argument by stating those things makes the Christian faith about the person and what they have done, not about Jesus and what He has done.

          I find I also try to live by the law instead of grace. In fact, if we admit it, many of us are like that. According to Romans 7: 15-25 We know the right thing to do but we just can't seem to do it.

        Matt lists several things that can motivate the reader for either positive or negative. The achievement of religion can be a negative thing if used for selfish gain. God loves us just the way we are. We don't need to go down a checklist of things to do. Jesus did it all. It is finished!

        Throughout the book, Matt focuses on the church of the times, attractive and glitzy. He admits that one such church shut its doors even after having thousands attend. That begs to ask the question, `Do Christians want the next best thing or are they willing to settle for a church that may not be so glitzy?

        Remember Jesus loves you just as you are. Grace is only grace when it's undeserved and unearned. We cannot follow the Law so God extends grace. Those who trust Jesus are always and forever His. This is a list in the book that reminds the Christian we are saved by grace, not by obeying the Law. It is the gift of God, not of works so that no one may boast. (see: Ephesians 2:8-9)

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this ebook. All opinions are my own."

About the author:

Matt Johnson is a husband, father to two little girls, and is an armchair student of theology living in Seattle. He is also a freelance writer and editor. Until recently, Matt spent 7 years as an associate volunteer pastor in counseling and recovery ministry.
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Sandee said…
Sounds like a great read. We are human and therefore prone to errors. It's good to know that we can go off the path, but know our way back. It's being human.

Have a fabulous day and a blessed Easter. ☺
Marilyn said…
What a wonderful review. Hooray for Matt. Thanks for sharing the review. Great job! You have a way with words.

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