Q & A with Carrie Turansky

                                          It is my pleasure to have author Carrie Turansky visit my blog today.

CARRIE TURANSKY is an award-winning author of more than a dozen novels and novellas. She has been the winner of the ACFW Carol Award, the Crystal Globe Award, and the International Digital Award, and was a finalist for the Inspirational Readers Choice Award and the Maggie Award of Excellence. A prolific writer of contemporary and historical romance, women’s fiction, short stories, articles, and devotionals, Carrie lives in central New Jersey with her husband Scott. They have five adult children and four grandchildren.

Enjoyable Interview

(1) Can you briefly describe your new novel?
I’ll share this endorsement from my friend, Cathy Gohlke, the author of Secrets She Kept and Saving Amelie.
“From the first compelling page to the last heart-lifting moment, Shine Like the Dawn drew me in, made me smile then cry—all while keeping me on the edge of my seat. Turansky’s latest English historical romance, rich in mystery and intrigue, brings to life warm and memorable characters nestled between a charming Edwardian village and its local grand estate. Uplifting and highly recommended.”

(2) What do you think is significant about Christian fiction?
Christian fiction has the power to reach past our intellects and touch our hearts. Like Jesus, with his parables, and Nathan the Prophet, with his stories, our novels can have a powerful impact when they are well-told. Christian fiction offers a hopeful message because it is written from a Biblical worldview. And the world needs hope now more than ever.

(3) What is your favorite jewelry piece, and why?
My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. It’s very special because I lost the diamond out of my original ring. So my husband bought me this new ring and got down on his knee to ask me to marry him (again) on Christmas morning in front of all the family. I was so choked up I could hardly say yes . . . but I finally managed to give him my answer and a kiss. He’s a keeper!

(4) What are your ideal writing conditions?
My ideal writing conditions would be sitting in a recliner with my laptop in a quiet and clean house with instrumental music playing on my headphones. Ahhh . . . I can feel the words flowing just thinking about it.

(5) Are there any secret wishes hidden in your new book?
Maggie Lounsbury, the heroine, wishes she could discover the truth behind the tragedy that happens to her family at the beginning of the book. She keeps her quest a secret for a long while until she decides whom she can trust. Nate Harcourt, the hero, wishes he could convince Maggie that he has her best interests at heart and that he truly cares for her.

(6) Just for fun, What's on your nightstand?

On my nightstand, you’ll find several books including Jesus Today by Sarah Young and The Elusive Miss Ellison by Carolyn Miller, two copies of the Focus on the Family Magazine, and soft earplugs that keep my ears warm and keep it quiet at night.

 (7) Can you give your reader's a peek into what's next?
I’m working on my next English historical novel, Across the Blue, that comes out early in 2018. It’s set in 1909 in Kent England. The hero is a young pilot and airplane designer who wants to be the first to fly across the English Channel and win the prize offered by the Daily Mail newspaper of London. The heroine is the daughter of the wealthy owner of the Daily Mail. She is an aspiring journalist who believes covering the hero’s story will help establish her career, but her parents want her to focus on marrying well and helping them move forward in society. Romance, adventure, inspiration, and secrets from the past make this a fun story to write and hopefully for you to read.

(8) Another, just for fun, What do you drink while in the writing mode?
I love tea! Hot tea in the cold months: Earl Grey, Mint, and Chai are my favorites. In the summer I like iced Tazo Passion tea.

(9) What other books have you published?
Shine Like the Dawn is my 17th novel and fourth English historical novel. The Edwardian Brides Series includes The Governess of Highland Hall, The Daughter of Highland Hall, and A Refuge and Highland Hall. I’ve written several small-town, family centered contemporary romance novels for Love Inspired including Along Came Love, A Man To Trust, Seeking His Love and Surrendered Hearts. I’ve also written several historical and contemporary novellas. I hope you’ll to stop by my website and take a look at those. You can see photos of the characters and read the first chapters there. http://carrieturansky.com/index.php/books/

(10) What is your most memorable moment or story?
I’ve been blessed with so many great moments in my life. It’s hard to choose one, but I’ll share one related to my writing. In 2014 I traveled to England on a research trip with my author friend Cathy Gohlke. We spent the day at Tyntesfield Estate near Bristol. That’s the estate I had in mind as I was writing the Highland Hall novels. It is so beautiful and full of history, lovely paintings, furniture, and sculptures. After seeing so many photographs and imaging the setting for more than a year it was such a thrill to be there and see it all in person. It’s owned by the National trust and open for tours. The staff were very kind, and when they found out I was an author setting a story there, they gave us a private tour of several areas of the house that were not open to the pubic. It was a marvelous day that I will always remember and be so thankful for.

Carrie, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the interview questions. I could relate to a few of the answers myself. I agree Christian fiction is written to give the reader hope. The reader most always knows there is going to be a good ending, but we indeed need that in today's world.  

Answer#3 is really sweet. I am so glad you chose to say `yes`, again. But, of course, everyone knew you would. Smiles to you

I really liked the characters, Maggie Lounsbury and Nate Harcourt. I hope to see them again, one day.

Ah, you're reading `The Elusive Miss Ellison` of which I will be writing a review soon.

I eagerly look forward to reading your next book. My middle name is `Kent` because we are from the Kent line. My great grandmother came to America from England. I would feel almost as if I'm reading our story.

My very favorite drink on cold mornings is Spiced Chai Tea made with milk and whip cream. The summer tea iced Tazo Passion tea sounds inviting.

Carrie, congratulations on your 17th novel, that is quite an accomplishment. By the way, I envy you with your visit to Tyntesfield Estate.  :)

Once again thank you for your time.  

Readers, please be sure to check out Carrie's website at http://carrieturansky.com/index.php/blog/


Sandee said…
I've read quite a few books you've recommended and I've liked them all. I'm guessing this would be a good ready too. Great interview.

Have a fabulous day, Michelle. ☺
Michelle F said…

I am glad you enjoy the books I recommend.
Yes, I believe you would enjoy this read.
Carrie Turansky said…
Hi Michelle, thanks so much for inviting me over to your blog! I enjoyed reading your responses to those questions and my answers. That was fun! I appreciate the opportunity to connect with new reading friends. Blessings and happy reading, Carrie
Michelle F said…
Carrie, Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to answer the questions. It looks like we have a lot in common :)

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