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Review: Katharina and Martin Luther

`Katharina and Martin Luther` is a biography written by author Michelle DeRusha. Michelle DeRusha is also the author of `50 Women Every Christian Should Know`. You can learn more about her by visiting her blog at

        I picked this book to review because I liked the cover and wanted to learn more about Martin Luther. The book includes a detailed map with a key that shows where each was living during certain time periods and several pictures scattered throughout the book. October 31, 2017, marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

        Instead of totally focusing on Martin Luther and the Reformation the author also focuses on their marriage and domestic life. Michelle's research came from `The American Edition of Luther's Works` and his `Table Talk`. The reader can learn more about the sources in the endnotes and the selected bibliography organized by theme.

        While reading the Bible for himself, specifically Romans 1:17, Luthe…

Review: The Stage is Set

About The Book:"The future is bright because Jesus is coming again. This work will get you ready for that glorious day."--Daniel L. Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Even a cursory glance at the news is enough to convince us that the world is falling into chaos. But God is still in control of his creation--and he keeps his promises. In fact, he has a sovereign plan that includes the ultimate victory for the church and the salvation of his people, Israel. The Stage Is Set carefully illuminates the signs of the times that point toward Christ's glorious appearing and millennial reign, answering questions you have about the identity of the antichrist, the future of Israel, the location of Armageddon, and more.

He is coming. Soon. And his people must be ready. Are you?
        `The Stage is Set` is a prophetic book of end times, written by author Bryant Wright. Bryant is a pastor of a mega-church in Marietta, Georgia. You can learn about him by vis…

Review: Children's Broken Crayons Still Color

Broken Crayons Still Color children's picture book is perfect for ages 4-8. The text is organized into simple paragraphs which can be read by the child or parent. This organization is perfect for this age group.

        The authors, Shelley Hitz and Jennifer Waddle, used imagery throughout the book. The employment of this literary tool was used to help the children understand broken crayons can still color something beautiful. Each page had a colorful page that helped reinforce what was being taught.

        The beautifully illustrated book cover helped to introduce the story by having two young girls color with broken crayons. At the end of the book are discussion questions for a parent to discuss with the child, a prayer and a verse to remember.

        I recommend this picture book to children ages 4-8 and their parents.

"I was provided this book by the author in exchange for my honest review."

About the Authors:

Shelley Hitz is the author of the 7-week book study, “Bro…

Review: The Curious Christian

`The Curious Christian` is a spiritual growth book written by author Barnabas Piper. Barnabas Piper has written several books, co-hosts the popular Happy Rant podcast, and lives in Nashville where he works for Lifeway Christian Resources.

       I picked this book to review because the cover and title intrigued me, I really wasn't sure what to expect of the book. I was eager to start this 176-page book and see how it could enrich my life. I felt especially attracted to this book since Barnabas dedicated it to his mother. This book is written for curious Christians and those who may not realize yet that they are curious.

        Curiosity keeps us young without making us childish. I learned that instead of asking someone not to do something, I should ask them why they do certain things. That way the person will not feel you are against them and may become curious as to why they do certain things.

        This book made me curious about myself; my likes, dislikes, favorite …

Review: The Elusive Miss Ellison

`The Elusive Miss Ellison` is a Christian romance book written by author Carolyn Miller. Carolyn Miller lives in New South Wales, Australia, and her books have won a number of RWA and ACFW contests. I was pleased to see this book was endorsed by one of my favorite authors, Carrie Turansky - award winning author of `A Refuge of Highland Hall.`

        I believe my one takeaway from this book is that through sickness, and death, God has promised eternal life to those that confess with their mouth Lord Jesus, and believe in their heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. This compares greatly to what I have been taught. The book accomplished my reassurance of my faith. The author's approach to this subject is descriptive. We can never be good enough to be saved, it is a gift from God. (see page 148).

        The author proves her point by quoting from the Holy Scriptures. I find the evidence convincing, making this a great book for seekers and believers who…

Review: Promises For You

Book Description Take time to enjoy God’s Word and color images from his beautiful world. In this 40-day coloring devotional filled with unique illustrations and patterns, you will read about God’s unchanging promises through NIrV Bible verses, paired with detailed line art. Each page is printed on high-quality, thick paper stock that won’t bleed through. And when you’re finished coloring with markers, metallic pens, or colored pencils, you will have a chance to reflect and journal about each promise from Scripture, and find inspiration for every day. Perfect for girls 8-12.         `Promises For You` coloring devotional book is a book made especially for girls preteen and older. It is published by ZonderKidz. This book is just a sampling of the FaithGirlz library. The text is organized into different promises and scripture to ponder over. There are also questions to ponder and write answers to in your devotional book. This organization is sufficient for this age group.         The a…

Review: Dream With Me

`Dream With Me` is a memoir of, and written by, author John M. Perkins. John Perkins dreams of the day we win the struggles against race and love. Where African Americans and whites are living in peace with each other. His hopes are that his book will change the way Americans think. I was glad to see the forward written by an author I am familiar with, Randy Alcorn.

        John Perkins spoke out for voter registration, enrolled his son in an all-white high school, and was beaten and tortured for his beliefs. He could have been full of bitterness, instead, he was full of grace toward all that had happened to him.

        This book made me want to cry at the state America is in. We are supposed to be the land of the free, a melting pot of all races. Are we truly a friendly country, the land of the free?

        This story is about America, my birthplace. My heart was broken at all John had gone through. How can someone go through so much and come out the other side full of gra…

Review: The Silent Songbird

`The Silent Songbird` is a historical romance novel written by author Melanie Dickerson. Melanie is a New York Times bestselling author whose favorite time periods are Medieval and Regency England.

        The novel opens with the summer of 1384 at Berkhamsted Castle, Hertfordshire, England. Because of King Richard's orders, Evangeline (age 17) was to be betrothed to ugly and old Lord Shiveley (age 40). Evangeline had rarely done anything courageous, but now she has run away from the kingdom in hopes of defying her father's orders to marry Lord Shiveley. She wished to be a peasant so she could marry someone kind, brave, and strong.

        This story reminds me of a beautifully written fairy tale. It reads smoothly and at an even pace. Although written for adults I believe young adults would enjoy this read as well. The ebook contains humorous dialogue, a great twist, and good characters.

        I was caught up in this story from the beginning, but especially when Ev…

Review: God Among Sages

`God Among Sages` is an apologetics book written by author Kenneth Richard Samples. His object is to explain why Jesus is not just another religious leader.

        The contents are divided into three parts: (1) Historic Christian Portrait of Christ, (2) Four Major Leaders of World Religions and Jesus, (3) Christianity and the World's Religions. The author's overall theme is a clear understanding of what sets Jesus apart as not simply a teacher to follow but God Himself, worthy of our full allegiance and worship.

        There are several tables throughout the book that helps the reader understand the different world religions and their leaders.I was surprised to learn: (1) Muslim also believes Jesus was born of a virgin, and (2) there is a UFO religion. Unless otherwise stated the scripture verses are taken from one of three versions: (1) New International Version, (2) English Standard Version, or (3) New Living Translation. There are much scripture references to sup…

Review: Five Ways to Cook Asparagus

I was attracted to this book because of the title. `Five Ways to Cook Asparagus` is a cookbook written by author Peter Miller.

        The Table of Contents is divided into 5 main parts, plus a section on essential skills and one on menus. Each recipe uses ingredients the seasoned cook probably already has at home. The epilogue features Cleaning Up (detailed cleaning). This cookbook is for the busy mom, or dad, who thinks they don't have time to cook. Be sure to check out this book before you make that next stop at the drive-thru for supper.

        I am reviewing the Kindle version of this book and find the format well laid out, however, the print is very little and sometimes hard to read. I would prefer to have a print copy. I cook from recipes most of the time and this book would help me learn to improvise.

        Peter Miller's first book, `Lunch at the Shop`, was made for preparing lunch meals, this book is for cooking supper meals. There are several photos thro…

Q & A with Carrie Turansky

It is my pleasure to have author Carrie Turansky visit my blog today.

CARRIE TURANSKY is an award-winning author of more than a dozen novels and novellas. She has been the winner of the ACFW Carol Award, the Crystal Globe Award, and the International Digital Award, and was a finalist for the Inspirational Readers Choice Award and the Maggie Award of Excellence. A prolific writer of contemporary and historical romance, women’s fiction, short stories, articles, and devotionals, Carrie lives in central New Jersey with her husband Scott. They have five adult children and four grandchildren.

Enjoyable Interview

(1) Can you briefly describe your new novel? I’ll share this endorsement from my friend, Cathy Gohlke, the author of Secrets She Kept and Saving Amelie. “From the first compelling page to the last heart-lifting moment, Shine Like the Dawn drew me in, made me smile then cry—all while keeping me on the edge of my seat. Turansky’s latest English …

Review: Courageous Love

`Courageous Love` is a young adult, historical fiction book written by author Susan K. Marlow. I like the opening quote by John Wayne - America's Cowboy. `Courage is being scared to death...but saddling up anyway!`

        It's a bit mystery and gripping suspense with a tad of romance. Who cut the barbed wire fence, and why? Who set the horse barn on fire, and who is killing the cattle? This intriguing story will keep you reading to the end to ensure the safety of the Carter family.

        I don't read much young adult books because of the language used in a lot of them. I was intrigued by the title of this book and was pleased to find it was a clean read. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a clean young adult book.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own." Literacy Musing Mondays link:

Review: Door to Freedom

Can you imagine the struggles that Christians face when living under Islamic law? Jana Kelley explores modern-day persecution and the life of Muslims in Sudan in her new book, Door to Freedom. In the Islamic country of Sudan, Mia has learned to boldly share her faith. Rania, the daughter of a wealthy Sudanese Arab, seeks to find the reason for her sister’s sudden disappearance. Mia holds some of the answers, but both women quickly discover they must each walk through their own doors to freedom, the freedom that only comes when you trust God’s sovereignty more than manmade security.

It’s rough and it’s smooth. It’s dark and it’s light. It’s a masterpiece. It’s us. Here in Sudan. We are scared of it and drawn to it. There is an open door, and there is much opposition. In the dusty, Islamic country of Sudan, Mia, who is raising her family in a Muslim country, has learned to boldly share her faith. Rania, the daughter of a wealthy Sudanese Arab, seeks to find the reason for her sister’s su…

Review: Be Bold

`Be Bold` is a devotional coloring book for adults by Ellen Elliott. The first thing I noticed was the bright and inviting cover page. As adult color books are all the rage these days why not add a devotional with it, right? After all, many Christians are looking for ways to bring more of Christ into their lives.

        The text of the book is organized with a prompt, a scripture verse, a devotional for the day, and a page to color. The devotionals take less than 5 minutes to read and you can ponder over it while you color. This organization is sufficient for this little devotional book since the color page focuses on it.

        The illustration on the front cover illustrates that as Christians we are to be brave. The primary pictures of the book are black/white illustrations ready to color.  I enjoyed this book and hope to see more.  Below you will find a picture I have started coloring.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own.&quo…