Review: The Chilbury Ladies Choir

        `The Chilbury Ladies Choir` is an adult historical fiction novel written by author Jennifer Ryan. This is the author's debut novel.

        This story is about a little village known as Chilbury, England and the dark days of WWII.

        Kitty Winthrop is thirteen years old and she wants to be a singer when she grows up. She has an 18-year-old sister and did have a brother until he was killed in the war. She lives in a grand house known as Chilbury Manor.

        The was has lasted six months, and there is no food, no new clothes, no servants, no lights after dark and no men around.

        Her brother was blown to pieces in a submarine. The funeral was held anyway, without a body. Kitty doesn't miss him, though. She says he was a terrible bully and she loathed him.

        Her sister seems to be enjoying the war because it has made everyone more adoring. And with her brother gone Venetia is now top spot in the family.

        Kitty's family rescued a 10-year-old Jewish evacuee before the Nazi's had invaded her home. Her parents were able to get her to safety and they were soon to follow.

        This novel is one of my least favorites, especially with the sexual displays talked about. There are no pictures, but there's not much left to the imagination. If I could change something about the novel I would leave out the nude imaginings.

Disclaimer:  "I was provided a free copy of this e-book. All opinions are my own."