Review: Miscarried Joy

        `Miscarried Joy` is a Christian woman's issues book written by author Tanika Fitzgerald. Tanika Fitzgerald is passionate about equipping women to grow spiritually, live balanced lives, and become armed for victory in every area of their lives.

        There are three parts to this book, with subtitles under each. The three main parts are (1) Understanding God's Heart in the midst of Incredible Pain, (2) Faith-Building lessons from Barren Women, (3) Walking in Extraordinary Faith.

        Within one year's time, Tanika miscarried 3 times. She asked how could God allow this. Her childhood dream was to one day get married and have children.She did get married but had problems carrying children to a full-term pregnancy. Her journey has not been easy but through it all, she is growing in her faith toward God. The Lord allows our suffering but He does not cause it. As Tanika wrote on page 15, to share in the glory of Christ we must also share in His sufferings.

        I agreed with most of Tanika's points of view. However, I am concerned about that woman who earnestly prays and builds her faith, as Tanika says to do, yet has problems conceiving or carrying a baby to full-term. I am concerned that if she doesn't have a baby she will become depressed, instead of encouraged. Saying that, this book was written for every woman who still grieves for a baby.

        I love the quote on page 42, "Every day, you will be gifted with a small puzzle piece as you travel along this journey of life. Some pieces will be for your picture and some will be for others. It may be quite a frustrating experience now because your burden has become heavy, but at the end of your journey you will see the beautiful picture I was creating all along." Love, God

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."