Our Mom's Legacy

My mom passed on to the heavenly glory April 15, 2015. She is missed dearly, but I know she's with Jesus and all her friends. This is a eulogy I wrote for and read at her funeral.

Moma was so special..... she will be greatly missed.
She loved cooking and sewing, crafts and gardening. She felt especially close to God when she was gardening.  In my humble opinion, I think moma's gardens were always better than any picture in a home & garden magazine. I was always a bit disappointed that she never, to my recollection, won the best yard in town recognition. I remember being able to hear her green beans growing while I went to sleep. She made the best cornbread from her Cast Iron Cornstick Pan and the best Eggnog at Christmas. Through her love of crafts and sewing, she made her daughters most of their clothes. Later in life, she made me several dresses, which I still wear to church. She even sewed the wedding dresses for Roberta & I, and the Bridesmaids dresses. Moma enjoyed gifting people with her creativity, and selling her products through her own personal Craft Bazaars. I think she also enjoyed selling items at Flea Markets over the years. I feel privileged to have inherited some of her craft items and recipes she collected over the years.
When I was very young I loved sitting close to her because she always smelled so nice. She may have been working out in the yard, but before she went to town, which was only a block or so away (when we lived in town), she would bathe and put on her best of clothes, some makeup, and just a dash of perfume. As I got a bit older and my mom worked as the Cafeteria Manager, at what was then known as Crescent City Elementary School, I enjoyed spending the afternoons hanging out around the cafeteria while she finished up for the day, or playing on the playground while I waited. I would also feign sickness in class just to have an excuse to go to the cafeteria and be with her. I once told her I would always live close and actually I am the one who moved the furthest.
She loved her family, her children, our father, and her best friend Charlie, who in turn loved her back. But more than anything she loved her Savior Jesus Christ. Moma always cared tremendously about her children, wanting the best for them. She has given her children a very moral, godly legacy. She loved her children and grandchildren. A very proud grandmother.
Nana, as she was known to all her grandchildren, loved to laugh. No one could bring nana to life and make her laugh like her best friend Charlie (Grandpa). I am honored he took care of my mom, even at the worst of times. He also brought her to Georgia so we could visit with both of them. Moma enjoyed the beautiful drive up but said he drove too fast. LOL!! I don't think anyone could have loved moma more than Charlie, and he still does. He rarely left her side, even all the way to the end. I am thankful she had someone to love her so much as she came to the end of her life.
Our mom had a kind, gentle soul and I can see those traits in her children. 
I want to thank my siblings for doing the very best they could to see that all of moma's needs were taken care of while she was aging and coming to the end of her life. I am very grateful I did not see my dad's or mom's last days. The day before my mom went to the hospital the Lord blessed me by having me call my mom. We were able to converse clearly, which Jane agreed was a gift from God. Because everyone else was having a hard time understanding her, even for something as simple as a pillow. I do not remember our conversation other than us telling each other we loved each other. Before we hung up her last clearly spoken words to me were, `Michelle, I need to hang up now, I am tired`. Now I see it as a gift from God that she was saying Good-Bye, Michelle.I Love You.  Moma is now with her Lord and Savior, never to suffer again. I imagine she is dancing with her Heavenly Father on the streets of glory.Thank you moma for the legacy you left!