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Review: Beyond Suffering Bible

I love the layout and structure of this Bible. There are 8 pages of Introductory materials, which is a must read. Also included with the introduction is a letter from Joni Eareckson Tada who was paralyzed in the 60's due to a neck injury. Joni knows about overcoming suffering, so this letter is a great place to begin.

        In this Bible, you will find answers to questions such as: If God is good why does He allow this pain in my life? Where does a person who is struggling with a life-altering accident of illness find peace of mind and a purpose for living? Why does God heal some and not others?

        Also included are full-page devotionals, how to connect your Bible to everyday life, and other resources. I chose two reading plans: `Growing spiritually through suffering` and `Praising God through suffering`. There are also stories at the back of the Bible the one I most related to was `The Constant Distraction: Living with Chronic Pain`. Just as author Michael J. Easl…

Review: The Bridge from OneDayBow

`The Bridge from OneDayBow` is a complete trilogy written by Kathy M. Warden. It is an inspirational Christian fiction tale. This trilogy is a modern day parable written in rhyme. The author's hope is that as the reader finishes the book they will be encouraged in their faith as it points to the Good News found in John 3:16.

        Part one is about salvation, part two is where Tim, the protagonist, learns he must stand guard against the tempter, Natas, while learning to trust the Son and the King of OneDayBow. He learns he can be tempted by the tempter, as well as his own flesh. Also when tempted he has a mediator that can put him back in right standing with the King. HereAndNow is the place where the tempter lives alongside the people. HereAndNow belongs to the Tempter and OneDayBow belongs to the King. Those who choose OneDayBow must be released by the Tempter.

        In part three the people continue to collect bobbles (trinkets) hoping they will earn their way into…

Our Mom's Legacy

My mom passed on to the heavenly glory April 15, 2015. She is missed dearly, but I know she's with Jesus and all her friends. This is a eulogy I wrote for and read at her funeral.

Moma was so special..... she will be greatly missed. She loved cooking and sewing, crafts and gardening. She felt especially close to God when she was gardening.  In my humble opinion, I think moma's gardens were always better than any picture in a home & garden magazine. I was always a bit disappointed that she never, to my recollection, won the best yard in town recognition. I remember being able to hear her green beans growing while I went to sleep. She made the best cornbread from her Cast Iron Cornstick Pan and the best Eggnog at Christmas. Through her love of crafts and sewing, she made her daughters most of their clothes. Later in life, she made me several dresses, which I still wear to church. She even sewed the wedding dresses for Roberta & I, and the Bridesmaids dresses. Moma enjoy…

Review: A Full Life

`A Full Life: Nine E-Books to Inspire you to Live with Gratitude, Faith, and Generosity` are written by authors CJ and Shelley Hitz, a husband and wife team. Each book has 21 devotionals and each book can be bought separately. or as a boxed set.

       For those who like to journal, Shelley provides daily journaling prompts and there are some nice, free, journals online, some of the links are provided. These would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys journaling, or someone just beginning to journal.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of these e-books. All opinions are my own."Author Bio Shelley Hitz is an award-winning and best-selling author of over 40 books. However, most importantly she is a wife, daughter, sister, friend and follower of Christ. She has been ministering alongside her husband, CJ, since 1998 and her main passion is to share God's truth and the freedom in Christ she has found with others. She does this through her books, websites and spe…

Review: Getaway with God

About the book:

Overworked and overwhelmed, many of today's Christian women live their lives at an exhausting pace--without any margin for refueling. Even in their strongest spiritual seasons, most long for more intimacy and time with their heavenly Father. But with the demands of modern life, simply getting up earlier in the day to fit in a devotion is no longer a viable--or fulfilling--option.

What if there was a way to plug in and recharge your soul, not just your smartphone? What if a simple day away could transform your life? Getaway with God invites readers to step away from the incessant pressure of deadlines and demands to spend time with God. More to the point, it walks women through each step of designing their own retreat--whatever kind is needed.
Letitia Suk provides step-by-step guidance and the necessary tools to enable any woman to plan an extended time away on any budget. Part one offers detailed steps for preparation, including descriptions of different kinds of r…

Q & A with author Kate Breslin

It is my pleasure to have author Kate Breslin visit my blog today.
A Florida girl who migrated to the Pacific Northwest, Kate Breslin was a bookseller for many years. She is the author of For Such a Time and lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington.Find her online at  (Bethany House)

If you have visited my blog for any length of time you may have seen my book review on Kate's book `Not By Sight` If you haven't seen it you may visit the post by clicking here.
Delightful Interview
(1) What inspired you to become an author? I suppose I’ve always written—poetry and short stories growing up and later, song lyrics to accompany my music. It wasn’t until I reached my thirties that I decided to tackle novel writing after I’d exhausted my supply of favorite historical novels. It was a twenty-year journey, not only in honing my craft but growing in my faith, before I finally reached publication with my 2014 debut novel, For Such A Time.
(2) Which book cover is your …

Review: Waiting for Wonder

`Waiting for Wonder: Learning to Live on God's Timeline` is a spiritual growth book written by author Marlo Schalesky. I am reviewing an Advanced Reader's Copy (ARC).

        The contents in this short book are listed topically with such topics as: Who are you? Identity and Shame, `Not Again: Sarah and Abimelech, and `Having the Last Laugh: The Birth of Isaac`. `Waiting for Wonder` asks the question: Who is this God? When we don't get our answers to prayers quickly we wonder if He is the God of waiting. Will He keep His promises?

        The reader will walk through Sarah's life. Her life of disappointment, doubt, and detours to discover God in the "not yet" places of life as we wonder in the waiting.

        Each chapter has a section written from Sarah's point of view. This covers the story of Sarah which may also be the reader's story. This book is suitable for older teens and adults. The language is clear and concepts well defined. The st…

The Year 2017

Dear Friends,
The year 2017 is quickly approaching and time for some changes.
I have been too hard on myself, running myself ragged.
My plans for 2017 are to order fewer books from publishers.
Instead I' plan to join author launch groups.
Simply this means I will post up to three times a week.
Plus, I'll help launch the authors on social groups.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope 2017 treats you well.

Review: of stillness and storm

`Of Stillness and Storm` is an American contemporary fiction book written by Michele Phoenix. I am reviewing an advanced reader's copy (ARC). The novel begins in present day Kathmandu where it gets pitch black when the moon doesn't shine.

        The main characters are Sam and his wife Lauren. The chapters move between present day and 1997. Sam felt God's call to the mission field and Lauren felt the desire to be a wife and mother. Protect their child in everyday life. It took them 7 years to have a child.

       I had to check and make sure this novel is fiction as it sounds very realistic. The characters draw you into the story even though it is indeed fiction.

        I picked this book to read because I am interested in missionaries and how they live. I found they are not so different from laypeople, they have problems too. I recommend this novel to anyone interested in the mission field.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions …

Get To Know April Knight

The Story Behind ScriptureDoodleTells us a bit about your book—what inspired you to write it? Our ScriptureDoodle books are 6-week devotionals merging creative art exercises with the word of God. I was inspired to write them because my heart is to help people draw closer to God through art, whether or not they feel equipped to do so. What is the main message of your book? We often say, “ScriptureDoodle is not about making a masterpiece it’s about worship.” Truly that statement encompasses the message of our books. ScriptureDoodle is for anyone willing to try. Even if you don’t come out of it painting the Mona Lisa, you will certainly gain a comfortability with weaving art and doodling into your quiet time with God. What was the hardest part about writing nonfiction? The hardest part for me was telling the story of God and making sure that the context of what I shared was in line with the truth of God’s word and His character. Sometimes we bend the scriptures to make them fit what we wish t…

Review: Pursuing Gold

`Pursuing Gold: A Novel of the Civil War` is a historical romance novel written by author Cynthia L. Simmons. Cynthia Simmons is a Bible teacher and a former homeschool mother, she writes for Leading Hearts Magazine.

        The title of this novel suggests a pursuing og gold during the  Civil War. The cover picture looks like the girl may be pining for her loved one. The opening setting is in Chattanooga, Tennessee -1862.

        The male protagonist is a banker by the name of Peter Chandler and the female protagonist is Mary Beth Roper who just wants to marry and have a houseful of children. But, the war frightens her. There are rumors that war is coming to Atlanta.

        With war raging it looks like C&R bank is under pressure to close. Mary Beth and Peter try to save the bank which belonged to her father.

        This book is filled with mystery as Mary Beth and Peter work together to find the culprit who is writing counterfeit notes in hopes of closing the bank.


Review: Miscarried Joy

`Miscarried Joy` is a Christian woman's issues book written by author Tanika Fitzgerald. Tanika Fitzgerald is passionate about equipping women to grow spiritually, live balanced lives, and become armed for victory in every area of their lives.

        There are three parts to this book, with subtitles under each. The three main parts are (1) Understanding God's Heart in the midst of Incredible Pain, (2) Faith-Building lessons from Barren Women, (3) Walking in Extraordinary Faith.

        Within one year's time, Tanika miscarried 3 times. She asked how could God allow this. Her childhood dream was to one day get married and have children.She did get married but had problems carrying children to a full-term pregnancy. Her journey has not been easy but through it all, she is growing in her faith toward God. The Lord allows our suffering but He does not cause it. As Tanika wrote on page 15, to share in the glory of Christ we must also share in His sufferings.


Review: Pray A - Z

Pray A to Z is a little 158-page book written by author Amelia Rhodes. The book is written topically from A-Z. The title suggests the reader will pray for their neighbors using any one of the topics suggested. With such topics as abuse, bulimia, cancer and many others this will make a great reference book for a special prayer need. The general field is prayer or Christian living.

        My favorite prayer is Jehovah-Jireh (The LORD Will Provide). For each prayer, there is a piece of scripture, a prayer prompt, and a prayer for the topic. The author's style is suitable for the intended audience. The language is clear and the ideas are developed. Almost any prayer need is covered. I think the cover of the book is in good taste complimenting the book.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."
Pray A to Z: A Practical Guide to Pray for Your Community
An interview with Amelia Rhodes

A text from a friend. An urgent phone call from a family…

Review: A Primary Decision

`A Primary Decision` is an American political suspense novel written by Dr. Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit. Dr. Keven Leman is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 books. Jeff Nesbit a former senior communications official at the White House and former director of public affairs for two prominent federal science agencies.

        The female protagonist is Sarah Worthington. Sarah is running in an election for the Head of Department of Justice. If she is elected her department will prosecute American Frontier. The same company her brother is CEO of. In one of the biggest oil disasters, our country has ever found.

        Even though this is a fictitious novel a lot of it seems to be real. I chose this novel especially since the issues written about keeps one glued to the chair wondering if any of it is true. Even though I haven't read the first two books this novel has enough to be intrigued by.

        I recommend this book to fans of political science thril…