Review: Texas Roads

        `Texas Roads` is a Christian woman's fiction novel written by author Cathy Bryant. Cathy Bryant is an Amazon best-selling author, she writes novels set in the heart of Texas. Texas Roads is her debut novel and it is presently free on Amazon Kindle. The title suggests a road somewhere in Texas.

        This was the one year anniversary of the death of female protagonist Dani's husband. Dani was stuck on a dirt road out in the country, without gas. A city girl being stuck on a country road near dark time was not good. There was nothing but trees, a few cows, an empty tank, and a cell phone without a signal.

        At the beginning of the novel, I am reminded of two sisters I know who for reasons unknown to me had a rift the size of Texas and did not speak to one another, just like Dani's mom and aunt. This made Dani wonder if God could love her.

        The male protagonist Steve Miller found Dani in her car alongside the road. He was a cowboy, with a cowboy scent. He offered her a ride of which she was thankful. But, she was not looking for romance, neither was he even though his friends would say it's time for him to marry. Steve took her to a place called B&B Hardware and just left her there to fend for herself. All she wanted to do was get to Miller's Creek, where her aunt lives, and get away with anything to do with her mom. Instead of turning to God in prayer Dani wanted to run away.

        The town of Miller's Creek is becoming a ghost town, people moving and stores closing. Could the town be brought back to life, or was it too late? This reminded me of a town I lived in. It needed a lot of repairs.

        I chose this book to review because the title intrigued me and I wanted to find out what it was about. This novel had a good cast of characters that worked well in the story. My favorite part was the rebuilding of Miller's Creek. I also liked the rodeo scene. As a city dweller, Dani had never been to a rodeo.

        There are several subplots in this novel with the main plot is Dani learning how living in the country differs from living in the city. I was pleased to see that the novel speaks of salvation, about Christ being our home. The home we long for. Which Dani learned is not a place but a person, Christ Jesus.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

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