Review: Refresh

        `Refresh` is a Christian Life Devotional written by Kimberly M. Drew and Jocelyn Green. Kimberly is a pastor's wife and elementary school teacher. Jocelyn is is an award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction.

        The title suggests relaxation from daily life for both the parent and the child. I can imagine diving into the water and coming up refreshed and relaxed. The introduction reads, "There are many books out there on how to raise special children. This book is about raising up the parents."

        The contents are divided into eight segments: (1) Uprooted: When Life's Landscape Changes, (2) Sowing Seeds: Cultivating Truth and Faith, (3) Pulling Weeds: Digging Out That Which Entangles, (4) Parched: When Hope Withers, (5) Drenched: Nourishing the Soul, (6) Sunlit: Turning Toward the Sun, (7) Pruned: When Pain Produces Fruit, (8) Branching Out:Touching Others Lives' Through the Journey.

        The authors' style is suitable for the intended audience. After each devotional is a prayer and 3 questions which would make this book great for a small group study, even one or two people. You don't want the group too big because every participant needs to have time to share. Journaling your thoughts is encouraged. Kimberly and Jocelyn divide the devotionals among one another. The "Digging Deeper" questions are important to journal so you can understand your feelings.

        I suggest parents of special needs children read this book because as it seeks out to refresh the parent it also brings the parent to Christ.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."