Review: Counterfeit Comforts

        `Counterfeit Comforts` is a Woman's Christian living book written by author Robia Scott. Robia Scott began her career as a dancer and actress. She became a Christian while acting on the t.v. show `Buffy and the Vampier Slayer.`

        The title of this book suggests comforts we use in place of what comforts we really need: true peace, purpose, and passion. Robia Scott seemed to have it all, a successful career as an actress and a dancer and she was still unhappy. She knew she was missing something or Someone and Robia was open to finding the answer. A friend invited her to church and there she became a Christian. The author's style is informal and suitable for older teens and adult women.

        As the author states, there are many possible counterfeit comforts, but a few are overeating, binging, drugs, and cigarettes. First, we must deal with our feelings. As it states on page 38, `We must be willing to face our feelings head on by purposely going right into the middle of them.

        The concluding chapter, `Don't Give Up` is convincing in that it sums up the whole book. How do we find true peace, purpose, and passion? Stay connected to God, He is there to help us. He walks through the fire alongside us (see pg# 195).

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."
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