Review: An Accidental Mystery

        `An Accidental Mystery at Camp Soaring Eagle` is a clean, young adult book written by author Dale McElhinney. It's a relatively short book with only 152 pages, and it moves at a steady pace. This is book one in The Camp Soaring Eagle mystery series. It begins with an in-depth map describing the whole camp area. It reminds me of what could be a Boy Scout camp.

        Dale McElhinney wrote this book especially for his son, Shaun. Hidden throughout the story are names of five famous fictional detectives. It's up to the reader to find all 5. Or, you can find the answers at the author's homepage (

        There were about 5 teams staying at the camp for the summer. It seemed as if one of the teams wanted to win the competitions so bad they were willing to do anything, even endangering lives. But, was it a team or someone else? The Mohawks cheat to win and so they are blamed for everything that goes wrong. The Seneca team want to win but not at the expense of others.

        I recommend this series to all teens especially with the mention of God. This is great reading, which can be done in one afternoon.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

Title: An Accidental Mystery At Camp Soaring Eagle
Author: Dale McElhinney
ISBN: 9781943104604
 Publish Date: August 19, 2016
Publisher Name: Prism Book Group
Publisher Website:
Author Website:  N/A
Word Count: 46,700
Page Count: 152
Genre: YA
Format of Review copy: ePub, pdf, mobi
Price: $3.99  ebook

Shaun and his friends always have loads of excitement, fun and adventure at Camp Soaring Eagle. Sunny summer days of swimming, canoeing and competitions between the cabins are followed by fun-filled nights of capture-the-flag, glow-in-the-dark volleyball and massive bonfires. But this year is different. This year something is wrong. Maybe dead wrong. Can Shaun discover who's behind a series of accidents that threaten to close his camp before it's too late? Join five friends as they discover that living for God is always an adventure...and sometimes a mystery!