Review: Jesus and the Beanstalk

Jesus and the Beanstalk: Overcoming Your Giants and Living a Fruitful Life (Abingdon Press, September 2016)
What if a fairy tale and ten Bible verses could free you to live an effective, fruitful life in Christ?
We live in unsettling, challenging times. Everywhere we look, we see giant problems: giant obstacles to sharing faith, giant barriers to peaceful lives, giant strongholds of fear. But what if you knew eight small secrets to unlocking a strength big enough to overcome whatever obstacle life may bring?
Using allegory and a bit of humor, Jesus and the Beanstalk explores a passage in 2 Peter 1 to uncover eight truths that will help you unleash a larger-than-life faith:
—Affection for others
In this creative, refreshing perspective on spiritual growth, you will discover an unyielding strength when you tap the power of a God who is stronger than any beanstalk and bigger than your biggest giants. (Litfuse)

        `Jesus and the Beanstalk` is a Spiritual Growth book written by author Lori Stanley Roeleveld. It uses allegory and humor to explore a passage in 2 Peter 1 to uncover eight truths to help you grow your faith. The intended audience is Believers. The author used several different Biblical translations as research: Common English Bible, New American Standard Bible, English Standard Version, and New International Version.
        Author Lori Roeleveld is a blogger, wife, and mother. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Biblical studies, as well as extensive experience with families in crisis and at-risk youth. (AMAZON). Her purpose in writing this book is to inform. This book was written to remind believers that they are giant-killers. The summary of the book can be taken from the tagline, "Overcoming Your Giants and Living a Fruitful Life."
        "Jesus and the Beanstalk" is divided into 3 parts. The first part introduces the pathway to effective and fruitful Christian Living as described in 2 Peter 1: 1-10. The second part teaches strategic thinking about cultivating attitudes and expectations leading to spiritual growth in a culture opposed to Christ. Part three is a six-day ministudy with information and inspiration. Each section begins with a Bible verse.
         At the end of each chapter there are points to ponder called, `Small Steps Toward Slaying Giants.` Plus, a thought to think on called `One Stone for Your Sling.` This book would be great for individual or small group study.
        I like the point Lori brings out about ancestors. Even if we come from a long line of misfits, if we are Christians we have a commendable heritage according to Hebrews 11.

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Disclaimer: I received this ARC from Litfuse Publishers for my honest opinion.

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