Review: Improbable Planet

        `Improbable Planet` is a book on Creationism, Science, and Apologetics, written by author Hugh Ross. Hugh Ross is a founder and president of Reasons to Believe. ( Hugh presents powerful evidence for a purpose-filled universe. Example, `one study showed that the primordial Earth must have possessed a liquid water ocean hundreds of times deeper than Earth's current oceans. Only such a huge quantity of liquid water explains why Earth today has fifty times less argon-36 in its atmosphere than does Venus. (see page 52)  Could such an amount of water be proof of Noah's Ark?

         The author's book `Improbable Planet` is the sequel to his book `Why the Universe Is the Way It Is`. I wish I could have read that book first it may help me understand this book better.

        Even though many scientists believe Earth's life-sustaining features are just `amazing coincidences` others are astonished that a biblical worldview could be true. I do disagree with the author's view that Earth has been here over 3 billion years. I believe in a young Earth, and that the first six days are literal days, not years. Also, `I believe God Spoke` and it was so. Whereas the author speaks of a collision.

   Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

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Hugh Ross (PhD, University of Toronto) is founder and president of international and interdenominational Reasons To Believe ( He is the author of many books, including The Creator and the Cosmos,More Than a Theory, and Why the Universe Is the Way It Is. An astronomer, Ross has addressed students and faculty on over 300 campuses in the United States and abroad on a wide variety of science-faith topics. From science conferences to churches to government labs, Ross presents powerful evidence for a purpose-filled universe. He lives in the Los Angeles area.

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