Review: If Ever I Would Leave You

        `If Ever I Would Leave You` is a mystery/suspense novel written by author Susan May Warren. It is the prequel to the `Montana Rescue` series. The topic is the vanishing of Esme. Did she run away with her boyfriend or did something worse happen in the Glacier National Park?

         Ian is a single man who has taken over the caretaking of his niece, Esme, since his sister was an unfit mom. Ian had left Louisiana a broken, grieving, angry, and lonely man. Dante wants to marry Esme. Will Ian allow them to get married?

        Sierra is Ian's assistant. She learns something about Esme that she prefer Esme tell Ian than herself. Sierra is falling in love with Ian, her boss. Ian wants to be more than a boss to Sierra. He wants to date her. But, is that kosher? Can it be done?

Thus this series begins The `Montana Rescue` series. I highly recommend reading the prequel first.

Disclaimer: I received this book free from Amazon. All opinions are my own.

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