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Review: Really Bad Girls of the Bible

`Really Bad Girls of the Bible` is a biblical study of women of the Bible written by author Liz Curtis Higgs. Liz is the author of nearly 30 books, with more than 3 million copies in print. This book is non-fiction. Liz (Elizabeth) is the perfect person to write this book. She has been in a deep pit and with the Lord's help has been able to get out and onto the other side. This book is for that woman who is in the deep pit and sees no way out. Really Bad Girls of the Bible is about the sovereignty of God.

        Each chapter begins with a modern short story before approaching the topic for that chapter. After the biblical topic, the author speaks of what lessons we can learn from that chapter. My favorite chapter was the story of Grace. All her fellow student artists saw only her sin. But, her teacher saw her forgiven and full of grace. She was not condemned but forgiven.

        I recommend this study to all women who feel unacceptable to God. This book would be perfect…

Review: Colour in Peace

`Colour in Peace` is a reflective journey adult colour book. There are several pages to colour as you relax and reflect. There are also several quotes throughout the book from famous people. People like Lyndon B. Johnson, Saint Francis of Assisi, and Thomas a Kempis.

        I like the subdued cover and my favorite picture is the one with the water pot that has flowers sprouting out of it. This is a relatively short colouring book with only 64 pages. However, each page has an abundance of colouring to do.

Product Information:

Colour in Peace A Reflective Journey James Newman Gray
An adult coloring book that takes the reader on a journey toward peace. Patterns and images inspired by seven quotes from writers, thinkers, saints, politicians, and the Bible lead the readers to unwind and reflect as they color. 

ISBN: 9780745968797 Pages: 64 Publication date: 9-27-2016 Format: Paperback Imprint: Lion Books

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of the materials. All opinions are my ow…

Review: Broken Crayons Still Color

I am excited to be a part of author Shelley Hitz's influencer group for her new book, `Broken Crayons Still Color`. The tagline reads, `From Our Mess to God's Masterpiece`.

        While studying the ARC I was at a place I didn't feel like God's Masterpiece. Instead, I felt like a broken crayon or one that has stayed in the heat of the sun too long. After the study, I feel closer to God and my husband. My husband and I stayed up one night just talking, sharing dreams, talking about our guys, etc. It felt so intimate and I look forward to doing that again.

        I love the cover of this book. Even though some of the crayons are broken they are still colorful. Each chapter has a page to color while the pupil ponders over what they are being taught. The complete package contains student guides, teacher's guide, and a video.

        One thing most people don't realize is that no one has it all together. No one is perfect or has a perfect life. While I wa…

Review: My Christmas Stencil Activity Pack

I received `My Christmas Stencil Activity Pack` from Kregel. The stencil pack is perfect for ages 5 and up. There are some small pieces which could cause a choking hazard. The pack includes a Christmas storybook, six stencils, and a large coloring sheet.

        The storybook, `My First Story of Christmas`, has a very colorful cover with Mary, the mother of Jesus, riding on a donkey and her husband, Joseph, feeding the donkey. The pages have simple one or two sentence paragraphs that are simple enough for the youngest reader, with colorful pictures on each page.

        The stencils are made of thick cardboard that cannot be easily torn. Children can draw with the stencils while the story is being read to them. All the stencils are taken from the story. There are no secular stencils. Because they are durable they can be used over and over again and saved to use each Christmas.

The large color sheet folds out into 2 sections where the children can share the color pages. It is …

Review: Wild Montana Skies

`Wild Montana Skies` is a contemporary action/adventure novel written by author Susan May Warren. Susan Warren has sold over 1 million books. She is the Christy, RITA, and Carol award-winning author of over 45 novels.

        This novel is about: Kacey Fairing, a Search and Rescue helicopter pilot and Ben King is a Country music star. Ian Shaw is one of the wealthiest, eligible, and devastatingly hot bachelors in town. Sierra Rose is Ian's assistant and she is in love with him.

        Ben King sings about beer, women, trucks, and fast living, which is also his life. Some of Ben's music lyrics were used sparingly throughout the novel. I especially liked the lyrics, "When You Need a Friend, a Shoulder You Can Cry On, Someone Who Understands What You're Going Through...." They mean a lot to me because my husband plays the guitar and I imagined him playing the part.

        Ian Shaw is in love with Sierra Rose. However, Sierra knew a secret that may have pu…

Q & A with Ann VosKamp

Bible Gateway is hosting a Facebook Q & A with Ann VosKamp tonite 7p.m. - 8p.m. (Eastern time). Follow this link to get there.


Ann Voskamp, author of the New York Times Bestseller "One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are," will broadcast a live Q&A session on October 27. Tune in at the Bible Gateway Facebook page to watch the Q&A live!

Review: If Ever I Would Leave You

`If Ever I Would Leave You` is a mystery/suspense novel written by author Susan May Warren. It is the prequel to the `Montana Rescue` series. The topic is the vanishing of Esme. Did she run away with her boyfriend or did something worse happen in the Glacier National Park?

         Ian is a single man who has taken over the caretaking of his niece, Esme, since his sister was an unfit mom. Ian had left Louisiana a broken, grieving, angry, and lonely man. Dante wants to marry Esme. Will Ian allow them to get married?

        Sierra is Ian's assistant. She learns something about Esme that she prefer Esme tell Ian than herself. Sierra is falling in love with Ian, her boss. Ian wants to be more than a boss to Sierra. He wants to date her. But, is that kosher? Can it be done?

Thus this series begins The `Montana Rescue` series. I highly recommend reading the prequel first.

Disclaimer: I received this book free from Amazon. All opinions are my own.

Review: `Receiving the 12 Blessings of Israel`

`Receiving the 12 Blessings of Israel` is a spiritual growth book written by author Paul Thangiah. Paul Thangiah is the founder and Senior pastor of Full Gospel Assembly of God church in Indiranagar, Bangalore, India. The church started with 3 people and now members exceeding 25,000. The tagline for the book reads - `How God's Promises to His People Apply to Your Life Today.` The author's purpose is to inform the readers of the twelve Tribes of Israel and their blessings. Each chapter is dedicated to one Tribe. The author's insights warn us about the consequences of sin and motivate us to live godly lives dedicated to Christ alone. (see page 11). I believe the author's thesis is to help every child of God realize that God desires to bless His children. (see page 18)

        The chapters give an overview of each of the tribe leaders beginning with Reuben and ending with Benjamin. God had promised Jacob that the two sons born to Joseph in Egypt before Jacob&…

Review: Foraged Flora

`Foraged Flora` is written by author's Louesa Roebuck and Sarah Lonsdale. The tagline reads `A Year of Gathering and Arranging Wild Plants and Flowers. There are many colorful photos of plants in this ebook. I did like the photo's, however I did not like I had to scroll at a slow rate. Perhaps someone who has a faster system than I could scroll through the ebook faster. Someone with a slower system may not be able to scroll at all.

        As I read through the pages of flora I think of my mom. She always kept an amazing garden. She would enjoy looking through this ebook and name every single plant as she sees them.

        Although this ebook has 272 pages it's mostly photo's, with very little reading. I would recommend this book to gardeners, flower shop owners, photographers, and artists. The ebook teaches what plants look great together (ex. roses, hydrangea and fennel). Always odd numbers in everything, never even.

        In my opinion, some of the plant …

Review: Where Two Hearts Meet

`Where Two Hearts Meet` is a contemporary romance novel written by author Liz Johson. Author Liz Johnson is also a marketing manager and the author of several novels. `Where Two Hearts Meet` is book two of the Prince Edward Island Dreams series. `The Red Door Inn` is first in this series.  My review for the first book is here.

        The male protagonist, Adam, is a world traveler. He has visited Israel, swam the Dead Sea, and is presently at PEI. The owners, Seth & Marie, of The Red Door Inn, are in danger of losing their inn because of a lack of customers and funds. The female protagonist, Caden, thinks Adam has secretly come to write a column on the inn.

       Just a tidbit, I learned that if you get a bit of egg shell in your egg bowl just wet your finger and stick it near the shell, it will come out.

        Adam did not want to do another report that would put more lives on the line only to be killed by the explosion of a bomb. He is supposed to be on vacation, no…

Free To Be Me


Review: Kosmo's Christmas Delivery

`Kosmo's Christmas Delivery` written by author Deb Kalmbach and illustrated by artist Joey Palmberg is a fun, short read for all children. It has lots of colorful illustrations and short paragraphs on each page. It could be read by a parent to a child, or a child who can read. It would make a great Christmas gift.

        The story is told from a dog's point of view. The dog, Kramer, is jealous of the new dog Kosmo. Kosmo seems to get all the attention even though Kramer has been the family pet much longer than Kosmo.

        The picture on the front cover depicts the jealousy Kramer has over the happy, energetic Kosmo. I think the first illustration, in the book, is most effective in developing the story. It shows the daughter, Emily Jean, hugging Kosmo. While Kosmo is giving her doggie kisses, and Kramer is sitting in a chair pouting.

        The easily identifiable trait of Kosmo is that he is very friendly and loving. I believe children of any age can sympathize w…

`Caribbean Amphibian`


Review: Twilight at Blueberry Barrens

`Twilight at Blueberry Barrens` is a contemporary mystery/suspense novel written by Colleen Coble. I received it in ebook form from Net Galley. This book has a who-done-it theme to it. A family is endangered of being killed and there is an uncle who recently escaped out of prison. Could this be a time for the female protagonist, Kate Mason, to fall in love?

        The setting is the top of the Mermaid Rock cliffs. Kate Mason is enjoying the sun peeking over the water bathing everything in a pink halo, and the dense salt in the air. Kate and her sister, Claire, had hiked to the shoals looking for puffin birds. That's when they saw two bodies who must have fallen off the cliff. This is where the story picks up.

        There are several plots and subplots. Were the people who fell murdered, and if so how? One of the most exciting is the family of puffins. In the meantime, will Kate's aplastic anemia make an appearance, again? Her father has escaped from prison and is o…

Review: Everything Is Possible

`Everything Is Possible` is an autobiography on the life of and written by author Jen Bricker. Jen Bricker was born without legs, yet she is an inspiration to others.

        When Jen was born her parents left her in the hospital, giving her up for adoption. They weren't sure they could take care of her. In her loving, adoptive home there was only one rule, `Never say `can't`. She never gave up and is presently a motivational speaker, an author, and an aerialist. Jen has traveled internationally with Britney Spears's Circus Tour.

        I decided to review this book because of the cover, and because of Nick Vujicic, born without limbs, who wrote the forward. I have also reviewed two of Nick's books: (1) Love Without Limits (review link) and (2) Life Without Limits (Amazon link).

       Jen Bricker's book, `Everything Is Possible`, is her story of God working out His plan for her life. The author's purpose in writing this book is to inspire others. The…

The Devoted (Suzanne Woods Fisher)

To purchase your copy, click here.

About the book:

Restless and adventurous, Ruthie Stoltzfus is right on the cusp of leaving her Amish home. Secretly, she’s earned her GED, saved her money—but she can’t quite set her journey into motion. Just as everything falls into place, along comes Patrick Kelly.
Patrick is a young man on a journey of his own. He’s come to Stoney Ridge to convert to the Amish and has given himself thirty days to learn the language, drive a buggy, and adapt to “everything Plain.” Time is of the essence and every moment is to be cherished—especially the hours he spends with Ruthie, his Penn Dutch tutor.
Ruthie’s next-door neighbor and cunning ex-boyfriend, Luke Schrock, is drawn to trouble like a moth to a flame. Rebellious, headstrong, defiant, Luke will do anything to win Ruthie back—and Patrick Kelly is in his way.
Bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher invites you back to Stoney Ridge for a story of dreams deferred—and the promise of hopes fulfilled.

About the …

Review: Improbable Planet

`Improbable Planet` is a book on Creationism, Science, and Apologetics, written by author Hugh Ross. Hugh Ross is a founder and president of Reasons to Believe. ( Hugh presents powerful evidence for a purpose-filled universe. Example, `one study showed that the primordial Earth must have possessed a liquid water ocean hundreds of times deeper than Earth's current oceans. Only such a huge quantity of liquid water explains why Earth today has fifty times less argon-36 in its atmosphere than does Venus. (see page 52)  Could such an amount of water be proof of Noah's Ark?

         The author's book `Improbable Planet` is the sequel to his book `Why the Universe Is the Way It Is`. I wish I could have read that book first it may help me understand this book better.

        Even though many scientists believe Earth's life-sustaining features are just `amazing coincidences` others are astonished that a biblical worldview could be true. I do disagree wi…

Review: Your Mercy

Worship leader and Dove Award winning songwriter Paul Baloche releases his next new album, Your Mercy. Below you will find an overview of the songs that are listed on it. This album adds diversity for your concert considerations. Paul produces his own albums from his private home base. His music is appealing to the ear, and a tender expression of grace.

        TRACK LIST:
1.Psalm 92 (It Is Good)
2.Once For All
3.Found In You
4.I Will Worship You
5.Your Mercy
6.Songs Of The People
7.We Come To You Jesus
8.God Evermore
9.Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (We Turn)
10.To The Cross I Come [featuring Jennifer Holm & All Sons & Daughters]
11.More Than I Deserve
12.Peace On Earth [featuring Madison Cunningham]

Your Mercy, produced and collaborated by Paul Baloche and Michael Rossback, also features several well-known cowriters such as All Sons and Daughters, Matt Redman, Meredith Andrews, and others. 
For all the latest news on the new album, touring and more information on Paul Balo…