How to pick a Bible version

      There are so many Bible versions and translations I hardly know which one is right for me. So, Bible Gateway has a user-friendly site that just may help in choosing the one that's right for me. The complete Bible is now available in 500 different languages. Some translations aim at rendering the meaning of the texts word-for-word (literal translations). The plus side to this - the reader can know the specific word choice and phraseology of the biblical authors. The down side - they can be more difficult to read.

        Another approach is to translate thought-for-thought. This means it's more familiar to English readers, and probably easier to read. This translation can be regarded as accurate as long as the true meaning of the original text is carried across.

        Lastly, there is free translation or paraphrase which gives readers the flow of the biblical text idea by idea. Oftentimes losing the true meaning of the original text.

        People who take the Bible seriously want translations that are accurate and faithful to what the writers of Holy Scripture intended to communicate. Typically, the best Bible translation is the one you will read.

For an entire list of versions please visit Bible Gateway.


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