Update: Travel the World in Books (4)

My husband and I have been reading our fourth book in this challenge.
I'm not sure when we began this book but it seems to take us most of the year to finish one book. I read to him most every morning while he eats his breakfast.

Our fourth book was from the U.S.A.
Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top (Jeanette Levellie)

Review: (the book was from my own Kindle book, I bought and paid for)

        Using humor and thought provoking anecdotes author Jeanette Levellie expounds the life of a pastor's wife through trials and tribulation. With a format similar to a daily devotional.

She brings to life personal issues that we may all face from time to time. The brief vignettes may bring smiles and perhaps tears at times, exemplifying our place as Christians on this earth. Without getting "preachy" she teaches through colorful and interesting stories drawn from her own daily encounters with others. She does use scripture and biblical references without becoming trite or boring.

My spouse and I have enjoyed reading through this book most every morning as we begin the day, and it seems to bring a bright spot into our daily lives.

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