Review:Hearing God in Conversation

ISBN: 9780825444241
Pages: 224
Publication date: 7-27-2016
Format: Paperback
Imprint: Kregel Publications

       `Hearing God in Conversation` is a Christian Living/Spiritual Growth book written by Samuel C. Williamson. The tagline reads, `How To Recognize His Voice Everywhere`. This book has been dedicated to the author's father who taught the author how to hear God's voice.

        Author Sam C. Williamson is the founding director of the Heart and author of `Is Sunday School Destroying Our Kids`? The author's purpose for writing `Hearing God in Conversation` is to inform. Hearing God in Conversation brings together the Word and the Holy Spirit, which in the Christian's life is interdependent to one another.

        I find it interesting that Budda's last words were, `strive without ceasing`, and Christ's last words were, `It Is Finished`.  Not only did Christ say `It Is Finished`, He invited us to walk with Him relationaly.

        The author's thesis is to share in this book what he has learned about conversing with God. The author has also included an Appendix that summarizes the common arguments against and the common arguments for the belief that God speaks directly today. The references as to where the author received this information are at the back of the book under, `Notes`.

        Samuel C. Williamson points out many different situations in which God speaks, but as page 33 say, `He also speaks to us when we meditate on scripture, watch a movie, counsel with friends, and driving a car, etc...

        I like the style of this book, very informative without being too preachy. God guides us through conviction, insight, revelation, and daily guidance. I like the quote on page 35, `continual lectures sink relationships; conversations buoy them up.

The author shares a couple of helpful resources:

TACTS (for scriptural meditation) T= Truth  A= Adoration
C= Confession    T= Thanksgiving    S= Supplication

Resources for meditating on God's Word (Bibles):
American Standard version
International Standard version
King James version
New International version
New Living Translation
The Message

Online Resource:

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Disclaimer: I received this book from Kregel Publishers for my honest opinion.

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