Review: A Beauty Refined

        `A Beauty Refined` is a fictional historical romance book written by author Tracie Peterson. Tracie has a love for history and research, and has written over 100 books. This is a novel of female protagonist Phoebe Von Bergen who is visiting America with her dad, Count Von Bergen. All scripture quotations are taken from the King James Bible.

        The year is 1907, while in America they stay at the very spacious Broadwater Hotel. Phoebe's dad is here on business. She is here to explore America, including cowboys and Indians.

        For years Phoebe's dad had told her that her mom had passed away at sea. Phoebe only knew the loving side of her dad, she was not privileged to see the dark side of his moods. Her pampered and spoiled existence was nothing more than a veil to hide the truth (page# 113).

        There are several sub-plots that flow smoothly in the novel and do not override the characters. I feel the characters portrayed meshed very realistically.
Disclaimer: I received this book from Litfuse Publishers for my honest opinion.


Sandee said…
I got this one in my wish list at Amazon Prime. I'm going to get this when I get about six books in the cue.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

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