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Review: Service Tails

`Service Tails` is a non-fiction pets and animal book written by author Ace Collins. Ace Collins has authored more than sixty books. They consist of novels, children's books, books of faith, and much more. This book was written to inform readers about dogs whose entire lives was based on service, loyalty, and teamwork.

        A sad scene unfolded when Joseph Martinez's eighteen month old daughter, Jamie, was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa - a genetic disease the family was not aware of. The family found light in the midst of darkness when the dog, Fresca, came to live with them. Jamie would be able to become more independent.

        There were times this book made me laugh, other times when it made me tearful. I have always loved dogs and have a special place in my heart for them. Unfortunately I have not had success training them.

        I enjoyed each story and was not surprised by the loyalty and teamwork of each service dog. While I enjoyed the entire book…

Review: Angels

`Angels` is a Christian living book written by author Jack Graham. The tagline reads, `Who are they, What do they do, and Why it Matters`. The author's position is that angel's are all around us, we only need eyes to see and hearts eager to receive their assistance. In order to write this book Jack used The Holy Bible as his reference.

        I found it interesting that the angels will administer the final judgement. Page 41 says, `They will be the ones separating those who know Christ and those who do not.`

        Angels don't know what it is like to be forgiven, angels don't have a plan for Salvation, and they don't understand grace. Their decision either to follow or forsake God was a one time and permanent event. With that said, this book is more about Jesus than angels.  Angels are very powerful but must never be worshiped (pg# 60). They are here to minister, protect, and comfort us.

        There have been many times in my life when I knew an angel…

Update: Travel the World in Books (4)

My husband and I have been reading our fourth book in this challenge.
I'm not sure when we began this book but it seems to take us most of the year to finish one book. I read to him most every morning while he eats his breakfast.

Our fourth book was from the U.S.A.
Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top (Jeanette Levellie)

Review: (the book was from my own Kindle book, I bought and paid for)

        Using humor and thought provoking anecdotes author Jeanette Levellie expounds the life of a pastor's wife through trials and tribulation. With a format similar to a daily devotional.

She brings to life personal issues that we may all face from time to time. The brief vignettes may bring smiles and perhaps tears at times, exemplifying our place as Christians on this earth. Without getting "preachy" she teaches through colorful and interesting stories drawn from her own daily encounters with others. She does use scripture and biblical references without becoming trite or b…

Revelation Song


Review: Missing (Author Lisa Harris)

`Missing` is a mystery/suspense novel written by author Lisa Harris. Author Lisa Harris and her family are missionaries in southern Africa. Christy Award-winning and bestselling author Lisa Harris puts you right into the action in this fast-paced thriller (Amazon). The authors purpose in writting this book is to entertain.

        The setting is a Nashville suburb; early Thursday morning. The female protagonist, Nikki, has been on the force for eight years. Two men have been killed in what is thought to be a burglary and two homeowners are missing.

        A Mac Hudson was found dead on the male protagonist`s, Tyler, boat. Tyler had just returned from three tours overseas and saw things he would never be able to tell anyone. His wife had died on the same boat as Mac Hudson and Nikki's sister has been missing for 10 years.

         Are all the situations related? Is someone trying to cover-up their evil actions? Were these situations the act of one person, or multiple peop…

Review: Fetching Sweetness

`Fetching Sweetness` is book two of the Love Unleashed series. This series is especially for dog lovers, written by Dana Mentink.

        Although I have become a cat lover I enjoyed reading this book, with its antics, and I especially like the cover.

        As a literary agent, Stephanie Pink is eager to get the book manuscript from the author. However she must first find, and return the author's dog, `Sweetness`. She finds Sweetness and also meets Rhett who offers her to stay at his place. When Stephanie goes into her bedroom she sees a ladies nightgown and duct tape. So, she comes to the conclusion that Rhett is a serial killer- she's been reading too many books. She wonders why else would a single man have a ladies nightgown? She decides she needs another book to read, and soon, or she'll get edgy. It's an obsession. I can relate! I thought the scene where Rhett fell off the ladder showed compassion on Stephanie's part.

        The realism of the char…

Review:Hearing God in Conversation

ISBN: 9780825444241 Pages: 224 Publication date: 7-27-2016 Format: Paperback Imprint: Kregel Publications

       `Hearing God in Conversation` is a Christian Living/Spiritual Growth book written by Samuel C. Williamson. The tagline reads, `How To Recognize His Voice Everywhere`. This book has been dedicated to the author's father who taught the author how to hear God's voice.

        Author Sam C. Williamson is the founding director of the Heart and author of `Is Sunday School Destroying Our Kids`? The author's purpose for writing `Hearing God in Conversation` is to inform. Hearing God in Conversation brings together the Word and the Holy Spirit, which in the Christian's life is interdependent to one another.

        I find it interesting that Budda's last words were, `strive without ceasing`, and Christ's last words were, `It Is Finished`.  Not only did Christ say `It Is Finished`, He invited us to walk with Him relationaly.

        The author's thesis is to s…

Review: When Death Draws Near

`When Death Draws Near` is a mystery/suspense novel written by Carrie Stuart Parks for women. The book includes discussion questions, great for book clubs. The setting is Pikeville, Kentucky. It's a small town with big town crime.

        The protagonist is Gwen Marcey, a forensic artist. Her first case is a young man - late teens or early twenties - who had been bitten by a rattlesnake.  The young man was catching snakes to handle in a Pentecostal, snake-handling church.

        I learned that ears are probably as distinctive as fingerprints. You can tell a bit about the family tree from ears. For example, earlobes are either attached, or unattached, and the shape is inherited.

        I also learned that a lot of people think the Pentecostal movement started in the south by whites, but it started in California by an African-American who ministered in Los Angeles.

      I recommend this novel to any adult readers who like suspense. This book kept me engaged. It is not a …

Review: In The Beginning/The Great Flood flipover book

ISBN: 9781433643286Trim Size: 8 x 8 x 0.1Page Count: 32Weight: 0.217 Binding: Trade PaperbackStatus: ACTPublication Date: May 2016

        `In The Beginning/The Great Flood` flip-over book is written by B&H Publishing Group. The tagline reads `Connecting Christ Throughout God's Story`. Both stories are interactive with lots of coloring pages. The color pages are perfect for beginner coloring to advanced coloring.

        `The Great Flood` story is great for young children. While it does touch on man's sinfulness it does not show a picture of people drowning. It only took me 6 minutes to read it, not including the color pages.

        The `In The Beginning` story is also short with simple sentences. The cover picture reminded me of the characters Tarzan and Jane.

        Both stories feature the Gospel Project for kids, There is also a Parent Connection for both stories, where child and parent connect with the story. Excellent quality time for parent and child.

Disclaimer: &qu…

Review: (un)Natural Mom

`(un)Natural Mom` is a Christian living book for young moms written by author Hettie Brittz. It is not another `what you should be doing` book. As the author claims she is also an (un)Natural mom. The tagline reads `Why You Are the Perfect Mom for Your Kids`. Although the book is written for young moms; dad's, grandparents and caretakers may benefit from reading it also.

        Hettie encourages mom's to enroll online in the private Tall Trees Training website. The website has a parenting profile tool where you can identify your unique three-dimensional mothering style (Nurture Profile, Discipline Profile, and Mentor Profile). Although the reader is encouraged to visit the website the book also goes over the different personalities.

        The book is written in such a way it takes the pressure off the mom. As I read about author Hettie's inadequacies, as a young mom, I was able to let go of some of my misfortunes. For me it seemed every other mother was a natur…

Review: Cast-Iron Cooking (Rachael Narins)

Description Get the most from your cast-iron cookware with 40 fabulous recipes especially designed for cast iron, from a full English breakfast to chilaquiles, pan pizza, cheesy beer fondue, Korean fried chicken, vegetarian chili, mango curry, party nuts, two kinds of cornbread, baked apples, gingerbread -- and the perfect grilled cheese sandwich! You'll also learn how to buy the cast-iron pots and pans that are right for you and how to care for them successfully.

    I chose Rachael Narins cookbook `Cast-Iron Cooking because of the cover and I need more cast-iron recipes. I bought cast-iron ware for last Christmas, I love the pieces I have but needed more recipes.The cover picture and font look inviting, who could pass that up? The recipes sound delightful and each recipe has a little tidbit of information (ex. where it originated from).
     The recipes are organized by courses - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Sides and Snacks, and Dessert. The table of contents is well laid out.…

Review: Courageous

ISBN9780764213144Dimensions5.5 x 8.5Pub. DateJun 2016SRP$13.99

       `Courageous` is a historical fiction novel written by Dina L. Sleiman. The female protagonist, Rosalind of Ipsworth, joins a crusade on their way to the Holy Land. Lady Sapphira had been given a clear vision to set the captives free. Rosalind is to be Lady Sapphire's attendant.

        The year is 1219 and the setting near the coast of the Holy Roman Empire. It is the year of the Fifth Crusade when Western Europeans reacquired Jerusalem and the rest of the Holy Land by first conquering the powerful Ayyubid state in Egypt. (Wikipedia)

        I learned that intermarriage happens among Moslem's. In such cases there is sometimes honor killings (pg# 116). Hatred of one's enemy is permitted among Moslem's (pg# 193). The average Moslem just wants to prosper and live at peace. But, in many cases hatred burns beneath the surface (pg# 194). They believe Jesus was a great prophet and an example of love. But th…


1. Dauntless was a Robin Hood story and Chivalrous was a Lancelot story. Where did your ideas for Courageous come from?
 For this third Valiant Hearts book, I was inspired by several different crusader legends, including the children’s crusades and the Knights Templar. Of course the crusades presented some tricky subject matter historically, politically, and philosophically, but I was excited to tackle it due to my familiarity with Middle Eastern customs and religions. My husband is from the Middle East, and I’ve taken several extended trips to that part of the world. I’ve even been caught in Lebanon during fighting between the Muslim group, Hezbollah, and the Israeli forces. So I understand the challenges they face in that part of the world. The conflicts in the Middle East are layered and complicated, both historically and today, and I wanted to bring a sense of that to this book. My friendships with Muslims and former Muslims also served as inspiration for this book, and I hope th…

`Courageous` Book Announcement

Will They Trust God’s Call Even When It Leads to the Most Unexpected Places? Inspired by the vision of the young Lady Sapphira, Rosalind of Ipsworth joins a group of men, women, and children as a defender of the cross, seeking to free captives from prisons near Tripoli. She’ll gladly give herself to the cause, as she’s haunted by a tragic mistake and feels she no longer deserves such joys as marriage and family might bring. Sir Randel Penigree was reared to serve in the church but has always dreamt of protecting the innocent as a Templar knight. Joining a crusade to escape humiliation at home, he finds himself drawn to Rosalind as they partner to train and protect a group of adolescents. When faced with political intrigue and an unknown enemy bent on their destruction, they are forced to reconsider their priorities and the very nature of the God they serve.

“[Chivalrous] is reminiscent of Camelot tales with a captivating plot and enjoyable characters.” —CBA Retailers+Resources


Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)


The Sonflowers ~ By Faith


Review: What Matters Most

'What Matters Most'  is a contemporary political fiction novel written by author Kellie Coates Gilbert. The female protagonist, Leta Breckenridge, works three jobs to be able to pay for her mom to stay at the Heritage House care facility.

        The major plot of the story is the election of a governor. Either Governor Holiday will stay in office, or Senator Nathan Emerson will take the seat. Governor Holiday is for the high-paid society. Senator Emerson is for the elderly to have good health care and single mothers to afford daycare.

        Leta was not having a good day, not much positive going on. She met Senator Nathan Emerson when she backed her car into his, and she didn't have insurance. She was relieved when Nathan said his insurance will pay for any damages.

        Leta had done a lot of research on care facilities before placing her mom in Heritage House, the best she could find. Even with three jobs she was having a hard time paying her bills. If she…

Review: A Beauty Refined

`A Beauty Refined` is a fictional historical romance book written by author Tracie Peterson. Tracie has a love for history and research, and has written over 100 books. This is a novel of female protagonist Phoebe Von Bergen who is visiting America with her dad, Count Von Bergen. All scripture quotations are taken from the King James Bible.

        The year is 1907, while in America they stay at the very spacious Broadwater Hotel. Phoebe's dad is here on business. She is here to explore America, including cowboys and Indians.

        For years Phoebe's dad had told her that her mom had passed away at sea. Phoebe only knew the loving side of her dad, she was not privileged to see the dark side of his moods. Her pampered and spoiled existence was nothing more than a veil to hide the truth (page# 113).

        There are several sub-plots that flow smoothly in the novel and do not override the characters. I feel the characters portrayed meshed very realistically.

Review: The Power of Presence

`The Power of Presence` is a Christian Living book written by author Neil T. Anderson. It's a short book with only 133 pages. Author Neil Anderson is the founder and President Emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries. The author is writing this book as a love story. The narration style is point of view. This is a story of the life of Neil and Joanne Anderson. It's even more than's a love story of Christ. It's a true story and one that I will remember.

        Dying to ourselves is how we become more like Christ. This is something, we as humans, have a hard time with. But, the more we die to self the more fulfilled we will be. When Christians struggle with knowing who we are in Christ it's because we lack knowledge of who we are. Jesus came to give us eternal life and dispel the works of the devil. Pages 78-79 explain how to be saved if the reader is unsure of their relationship with Christ.

        I found this book to be very encouraging and wou…

The Aetherlight™

“Resistance is Crucial” by Jesse Florea
Zeppelins zoom across the sky. A nasty fog festers over the ground. An evil emperor rules with his robotic army. Only the mysterious Scarlet Man and a fledgling resistance can restore Aethasia to its original glory.
At first glance, The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance™ looks like an exciting web-based adventure game. And it is. But it’s a lot more. Like C.S. Lewis brought biblical truth to light through books set in Narnia, Scarlet City Studios created the steampunk world of Aethasia to teach the biblical narrative.
“The allegory is relatively tight,” says Scarlet City Studios Worldbuilder Tim Cleary. “Young people can play the game and go, ‘This story is amazing,’ not realizing it’s Abraham’s story. The Aetherlight allows the Bible to occupy a place in their imaginations, not just a place in their brains.”
In all, 16 “episodes” of the game are planned. The first one (Abraham’s story) hit the market in May.Episode 2: The Resistance Takes…