Review: Regina Shen: Endurance

       `Endurance`, written by Lance Erlick, is the 4th book in the Regina Shen series. Will Regina find her sister in time to save her? Will she learn the secrets of her mom? These books are best for YA sci-fi readers. However, I would read them again. The cover of the 4th book intrigued me. There is clean language all through the series.

        The year is 298 ACM (After Community Movement), and Regina is in the Alaska wilderness. Regina is part Hispanic and part Chinese. She has a donor father but doesn't know who he is. The World Federation still wishes to control her. Regina, and her friend Ester, find shelter in caves and get water to drink from rainwater they collect. Regina realizes she can make it on just food and water, and maybe a blanket for the cold air.

        I recommend this series of books to YA readers.
 Disclaimer:  I received this book free from iRead Book Tours, for my honest review.

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