Review: Mommy Needs a Raise

       ` Mommy Needs a Raise` is a light-hearted women's issues book written by Sarah Parshall Perry. This is not a book on how to raise children. After all, we are all dysfunctional.

        Since the author works from home her kids do not always understand she is working, especially when she isn't dressed for work. The author writes, `No matter what we do: work, stay-at-home, or both we are all weirdo's that live next door.` Even if the reader is an empty-nester they can look back for any value they did. Is there value in being a picker-upper, taxi driver, the cleaner, the nose-wiper?

        I could relate to the author, from having a big baby (12# 2.5 oz) to wearing flip-flops because my feet were swollen. Those people that were telling me how easy it is to have a baby to how easy nursing is were lying.
They apparently never had a huge, starving baby. That there was just not enough milk for. So at 6 weeks the doctor told me to start him on cereal, adding other food. That baby has grown to be a healthy 6`6", 280# man.

        I was made fun of by my bosses and co-workers, so working was not easy for me. So, for me, SAHM was the better choice. There are days that have been fun, and days not so fun. Surviving motherhood means believing in oneself. The world will not end because of your dirty house.

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Sarah Parshall Perry
Sarah Parshall Perry (JD, University of Virginia School of Law) is a wife and mother of three. She is the author of Sand in My Sandwich, coauthor of When the Fairy Dust Settles, and writer of many articles and award-winning stories. Sarah currently writes for and She lives in Baltimore. Learn more at


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Jul 2016

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Sandee said…
Sounds like a great read for new mothers. The expectations are often too high for the reality of being a mom. I so remember.

Have a fabulous day Michelle. ☺
Mari said…
Sounds like a good book! I'm amazed by your big baby! My biggest was 9 pounds, 6 ounces and that was enough for me. :)