Review: Miriam and Daniel (flip-over book)

        `Miriam and Daniel` flip-over book is written by author Victoria Kovacs and illustrated by Mike Krome. Both stories are a short 14 pages, and the text is organized into simple sentences and short paragraphs. Both stories can be read by a boy or girl.

        There are colorful illustrations on the covers, and throughout the book. The cover of Miriam shows her holding the papyrus basket her baby brother is in, for safe keeping. The story will tell more about the illustration. The cover of Daniel shows him praying to the one true God. Once again, the story will tell more about this. The primary medium for both covers is colorful drawings.

        At the end of each story is a `Parent Connection` section. Parent's connect with the child by first reading the story to them, asking the child 2 questions pertaining to that story, and lastly, ponder over the story with a special Bible verse.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

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