Review: Vigilance

      `Vigilance` is book two in the Regina Shen series written by Lance Erlick. The book starts out in the Richmond Swamps where Regina Shen is pursued by the Department of Antiquities. The genre is sci-fi. The author's position is to save Regina Shen from the Federation. The intended audience is young teens, yet I think older teens and adults will like the series.
      The setting is intended to be fictional, with dramatized narration. The purpose of this series is to entertain. This book captured my attention more that the beginning. The first book was like an introduction to the characters, so don't miss it. This second book begins with the meat of the story. These are not stand-alone books, they need to be read in order. A sub-plot within the book is to find Regina Shen's birth donor.

      I began to sense a closeness to some of the characters and could imagine their feelings as my own. I did not like the referral to evolution and emerging on page 41. I feel they should have referenced our Lord, Christ.
      Regina is Chinese-Hispanic and I felt relief for her once she was out of the swamp and able to wear clean clothes. I also liked how bold Regina was in saving a peer from drowning.

      I recommend this book to anyone who likes sci-fi.

Disclaimer:  I received this book free from iRead Book Tours, for my honest review.


Sandee said…
Not my first choice in reading material. Hubby loves Sci-Fi. Just never cared for it much.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. :)
Linda Kay said…
If I were a sci-fi fan, I'd be ordering this.

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