Review: Having a Martha Home the Mary way

      Author Sarah Mae helps readers get their home and heart in order in just 31 days. She, her husband, and their kids live in the Amish countryside of Pennsylvania. This book is for everyone who needs to know that being a good homemaker has less to do with a clean home and more to do with loving others well. I like the quote, "I don't have to do better or be better, I just need to walk faithfully with my God as He molds me."

      Author Sarah Mae knows what it is like to live in clutter. She once had a landlord make an unexpected call and happened to trip on the clutter, she ended up bleeding. This was the beginning of a change for Sarah. I like how the author uses scripture verses throughout the book. Especially at the beginning referencing Mary and Martha.

      There is a `How to Use this Book` section that I do recommend reading. There is a Day `0` reserved for Prep Day. To make sure you have all the materials you need to complete the 31 days.

      This is like a Bible study, with pages to work through as you read the book. They are called `Mary Challenges`, which can be done alone or with a group of ladies.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this ARC through Net Galley for my honest review.


Sandee said…
When you rate a book this high I know it's got to be a good read. Lots of wonderful lessons too.

Have a blessed day. ☺
Grantham Lynn said…
It did sound good. I was hoping to get it. I'd love to read and do the study!
Michelle F said…
Thanks for stopping by, Sherry!

Have a great day :)

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