Review: Garbology/ Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash

      `Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash` is an Earth Science book written by Edward Humes. The topic is garbage and landfills. I believe the author's position is to pick up the litter and purge the trash. He feels like there is plenty one person can do. This book was published in memory of the author's grandmother.

      The author's ideas are clear and well-argued. Some ways he says one person can help is: (1) buy used or refurbished, (2) don't buy bottled water, which is a fraud. Us your own water, from your own faucet and (3) Buy reusable bags, don't use plastic bags. Ask yourself, are we becoming China's trash compactor?

      Hoarding is running rampant among us, with people being killed by their own garbage falling on them, seems to especially affect the elderly. Most of us have tons of trash, but we keep it at the landfill. Americans tend to have more trash than any other country.I agree many of us are keeping too much stuff, which leads to hoarding.

       There are graphics within the book that help explain the author's point. Example: (1) The State of Garbage in America and (2) The State of Garbage in the World. Germany doesn't have any landfills. They use Recycling, Composition, and incineration.

      I recommend this book to teens and adults. This book does not lean heavily on Christian or New Age, the author is merely writing facts. How can we put an end to waste if we can't keep track of it? There is an online curriculum for download if your class would like to get involved with Garbology. This is a good book for anyone wanting to take care of our earth.

      I didn't like the paragraph about the death of Robert Glenn Bennett, about a skull found in a suitcase, and other rumors. I felt the book would have been better without those gruesome rumors.

      I did find a few items of interest: brand new cases of food, boxes of perfectly new plastic bags (tossed because the logo on them was outdated), and whole cans of new paint (which is forbidden in the landfill).

      I learned that the original name for `Dixie cup` was `Health cup`.
Also, Garbology was originally used in the 1960's as a job title in New Zealand and Britain.

Question: How much energy is wasted on junk mail?
Answer: One day's worth of heat, that can heat 250,000 homes.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this arc through Net Galley for my honest review.


Sandee said…
We don't use the stores plastic or paper bags since we bought our own reusable bags. We do have too much here in America and there seems so many that don't care about littering either. Our roadways show that.

My on your question at the end of this post. I had no idea.

Have a fabulous day. ☺