The Aetherlight~Chronicles of the Resistance

      I was so excited to receive a copy of `The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance` for review purposes. The first thing I did was set up a child account and customize a character. Registration and set-up is easy for the game. I found some glitches when trying to set-up the parent board. I contacted Maureen Hoganson (Hoganson Media Relations) and Philippa (Scarlet City Studios). They were both very polite and helpful. It didn't take too long to get the parent board up and running. What's so great about the parent board? Two things I found helpful are (1) follow the progress of each child and (2) ask questions that stretch the child's mind.
      The game is Kidsafe, Coppa Certified. There is a quick start guide so the eager child will be up and playing before long. The parent can decide whether to turn on or off the chat. ~The Resistance~ does not tolerate bullying, inappropriate chat, hateful, or bad language. `The Aetherlight` uses filters to block inappropriate chat and repeat offenders will be suspended or banned. There is an extensive Safety Guide for keeping your child safe online. I suggest parent and child go over the rules together and make a pact to follow these rules.
      Aetherlight is Biblically based and child-friendly. Presently it is compatible with Windows, OSX, Android, and ios. The company, `Scarlet City,` is committed to creating Biblical sound media products. Jesus is the high-point of this story-game. Scarlet City believes that God is a trinity - One Being, three Persons, indivisible, but, distinct. Currently, the only language it is available in is English.

Disclaimer: I was given this product so I may honestly state a review.


Sandee said…
How fun is this. Way fun.

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