Review: Faith (Lyn Cote)

   `Faith` is a Christian historical fiction novel, book 3 of the Quaker Brides series by Lyn Cote.The setting is the Civil War, the year is 1863. The prologue opens with Nurse Faith Cathwell struggling for life and her freeborn friend, Shiloh, who is kidnapped and sold by slave catchers. Faith sets out to find her childhood friend at risk of losing her own life. 
      Colonel Devlin Knight is introduced during a Civil War fight scene. Colonel Devlin is on the Union side. Devlin's cousin, Jack, is on the confederate side and badly wounded. However, Devlin takes care of him, bringing him back to health, only to be betrayed by him. Colonel Devlin chose Nurse Cathwell to mend his cousin.
      `Faith` is a dramatised narration. This novel is written in honor of those who have lost loved ones who fought for all our freedoms. Faith knows what it is like to lose someone you love. Her very own sibling, her twin, passed away from measles. 
      There is at least 1 main plot and 2 subplots. The main plot is the Civil War and the subplots are the search for Shiloh, and a touch of romance. I like the way the author pulls the reader into the story (ex. sounds of insects, strident birdcalls, and subtle sounds of humans\pg. 248)
      This novel is one of the best books highlighting the Civil War that I have read. It's not all about blood and guts. It is a very clean/wholesome novel that even a teen could enjoy. I highly recommend this novel to those who like historical fiction. I do wish they would had found Shiloh about halfway through the story. I give this novel 5* out of 5*

QUESTION: Would you marry someone just for means of convenience?

Disclaimer:I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes from Tyndale Publishers.


Sandee said…
I love your reviews. When you're done I know if I would like to read the book or not. This one I would read.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

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