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Review: Country Cooking from a Redneck Kitchen

"Country Cooking from a Redneck Kitchen" was written by Francine Bryson and Ann Volkwein. The cover is vibrant with color and has a mouth-watering picture of ribs.
      The reader visits the home of author Francine Bryson to get up close and personal with her cooking. There are 125 dishes and 60 color photographs, plus 3 chapters devoted solely to baked goods, including holiday sweets. The contents pages are divided into 8 categories (ex. burgers, Sunday suppers, and sweets and treats). Some of the recipes look very familiar while others are new-to-me. The author shares little tidbits about each recipe (ex. its origins and how to serve the dish).
      Each recipe has the ingredients posted in bold, solid black font for easy reading at a glance. The Table of Contents and index are well structured. The cooking instructions and ingredients lists are well organized and easy to follow. Each step of the instructions are clearly numbered. There are full color photos throughout th…

Hope Toler Dougherty’s ‘Mars . . . with Venus Rising’ Kindle Prize Pack Giveaway

Travel to the small town of Mars, where you'll find a meddling horse, paper bag floors, and a flying saucer on the town square—in Hope Toler Dougherty's book, Mars . . . with Venus Rising. Penn Davenport dreams of passing the CPA exam and moving away from the two aunts who reared her after her parents died in a plane crash. When John Townsend—full of life and the joy of living—moves to town, he rattles Penn's view of herself, her life, and her dreams . . . which isn’t such a bad thing until she falls for him and discovers he’s a pilot.

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Song of Silence (Cynthia Ruchti)

Song of Silence(Abingdon, April 2016)

As the music fades and a chasm separates her from the passion of her heart, will Lucy’s faith song go silent, too? Find out in Cynthia Ruchti’s new book, Song of Silence. The musical score of her life seems to be missing all the notes. When a simple misstep threatens to silence Lucy forever, a young boy and his soundless mother change the way she sees—and hears—everything.

Music taught Lucy love and beauty. Could silence teach her hope? Lucy and Charlie Tuttle agree on one thing: they’re committed to each other for life. Trouble is, neither of them expected life to look like this. Charlie retired early, but Lucy is devoted to a long-term career . . . until the day she has no choice. Forced to retire from her position as music educator in a small Midwestern K-8 school, Lucy can only watch helplessly as the program her father started years ago disintegrates before her eyes. As the music fades and a chasm separates her from the passion of her heart, Lu…

5 Must-Read Books for Harry Potter Fans

Harry Potter is one of the most popular book series ever written! Its whimsical characters and magical adventures have captured the hearts of millions. If you’re a Potter Maniac, you probably think that no story can compare those of the mystifying Hogwarts and the boy with the lightning bolt scar on his forehead. But have you read these spellbinding masterpieces?
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The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis – Like Harry Potter, this series comes in 7 installments and features a secret world full of wonders, its magical inhabitants, and the child-heroes who must save it from destruction.


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Cynthia Ruchti’s ‘Song of Silence’ Music-Themed Giveaway

As the music fades and a chasm separates her from the passion of her heart, will Lucy's faith song go silent, too? Find out in Cynthia Ruchti's new book, Song of Silence. The musical score of her life seems to be missing all the notes. When a simple misstep threatens to silence Lucy forever, a young boy and his soundless mother change the way she sees—and hears—everything.

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Review: Wonderland (An Adult Color Book)

PRICE: $14.99 ISBN: 978-0-399-57846-5 RELEASE: Apr 5th, 2016 FORMAT Trade Paperback CATEGORY: Games - General
`Wonderland` written by Amily Shen, was inspired by Alice's Adventures. The subdued dust cover shows Alice's tea party and the Cheshire cat. `Wonderland` was officially published in Taiwan. This edition was translated by Anna Holmwood.       Made with sturdy paper this would make a great gift. `Wonderland` is a very interactive book, with black and white artistic pictures to color, fill-in-the-blanks, a game to play and more. If you get stuck on finding answers, the answers are at the back of the book. It also includes a summary of the real book, with chapter references.       I do think the print should be darker as it can be hard to read. It would be hard for someone with limited eyesight.        I still remain excited about the adult coloring books. Do not let the word adult deter you. These books are clean and wholesome. However, I suggest only using artist pencils t…

Review:The Magnolia Duchess


Dimensions5.5 x 8.5Pub. DateApr 2016SRP$14.99

`The Magnolia Duchess` is a fictional historical romance novel by author Beth White. The year is 1814,toward the end of the War of 1812. This is book 3 of the Gulf Coast Chronicles series. The books in this series can be read independently. Books one and two are `The Pelican Bride` and `The Creole Princess`, respectively.
        As a southern author, Beth White has an understanding of the south and could highlight southern life in this novel, such as moss growing off the trees. According to the Reader's Note, at the back of the novel, `The Magnolia Duchess` was originally conceived more than 15 years ago featuring a British Naval Officer who washed ashore and fell in love with a `local girl`. Of further interest is the Lanier family tree which can be found at Beth's website. [] She also has some maps of early Mobile, AL and New Orleans on her site. Dates are listed throughout the novel which helps …

Top Ten Non-Fiction books to read

This week's Top Ten was inspired by The Broke and The Bookish
Qu8estion: What is your list of Top Ten non-fiction books to read?

(1) The Road to Becoming (Jenny Simmons)

(2) A Trip Around the Sun (Mark Batterson)

(3) No Fear in Love (Andy Braner)

(4) 30 Events that Shaped the Church (Alton Gansky)

(5) The Answer to Our Cry (Rick McKinley)

(6) Empowered by His Presence (Kevin G. Harney)

(7) Steel Will (Shiloh Harris)

(8) Live Loved (Margaret Feinberg)

(9) One More Step (Rachel WoJo)

(10) Love Without Limits (Nick Vujicic)

Review: A Daring Sacrifice

`A Daring Sacrifice` is a teen fiction book written by Jody Hedlund. In the year of our Lord 1390. Juliana Wessex, ruler of the land, and her tyrannical uncle, Lord Wessex,  come at odds. Who will be the rightful ruler? Juliana disguised herself as an old man so she would not be recognized as the bandit terrorizing Wessex. This short story reminds me of Robin Hood who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.
      Although bows and arrows were used for weapons some of the fight scenes were imaginably funny. One instance the arrow sliced through a man's hat, knocking it off his head, parting his hair and skimming his scalp. Leaving no one actually hurt.
      Much like Robin Hood these characters lived in cavern's in the woods. There was also much partying, dancing, and feasting. It reminded me so much of Robin Hood, I spent most of the day reading `A Daring Sacrifice` to see how it ended.
      I recommend this book to all teens and anyone who likes Robin Hood. There is abo…

Ruth Reid’s ‘A Dream of Miracles’ Blog Tour, Giveaway, and Facebook Party

When a suspicious outsider with a shadowy past comes crashing into Amish widow Mattie’s fragile world, can she learn to love again? Find out in Ruth Reid's new book, A Dream of Miracles. When Mattie and Bo cross paths, all signs point to disaster. Yet as they face a crucible of trials and tragedies together, longings begin to stir that seem destined only to end in more heartbreak. Is a miracle possible—not only of healing but of forbidden love? What secrets lie in Bo’s dreams? And will Mattie find the courage to face her uncertain future . . . or will she simply run away?

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Review: Plain Fame

`Plain Fame` written by author Sarah Price is a 206 page Amish Novel. Will love happen between Amanda Beiler and Alejandro Diaz before the paparazzi finds the famous singer? Author Sarah Price has always respected and honored her ancestors - the Mennonite's (see Amazon). As an author of over thirty novels, she is well versed in her knowledge of the Amish and Mennonites. `Plain Fame` is book one of the Plain Fame series. This book is dedicated to singers, performers, artists, and entertainers who give so much of themselves for our enjoyment.
      The setting is Lancaster County, Pennsylvania which Sarah shares her own experience of living among the Amish. Unlike most Amish, the Beiler family only had 3 children. Two daughters, and a son who died at age 12.
      Alejandro was a famous entertainer with a bad-boy image. Love them and leave them was his motto. However, his life was about to change. His performer name is known as Viper, the sexiest sting in the world. This book is di…

Review: Restore My Soul

Price: 15.99  ISBN: 978-1-4964-1406-9  Trim Size: 9.75 x 9.75   Binding: Softcover  Release: April 2016 

1st Chapter .PDF

      `Restore My Soul` is an adult color book by Ann-Margret Hovsepian. At first glance many adult color books seem expensive. However, since these are adult coloring books it's much more than a color book. Different books offer different things, such as hidden pictures within the hand-drawn picture and each book could take hours to color. `Restore My Soul` is more than a color book, it is also a devotional book. One page has a devotional, including a snippet of the author's personal stories. The opposite page has a hand-drawn coloring picture with words to meditate on that pertain to the devotional. The artist is also invited to create their own artwork on pages at the back of the book. All of the artwork would look great in frames.        Although the paperweight is of good quality, it has been my experience not to use permant markers in these books, bec…

Review: Faith (Lyn Cote)

`Faith` is a Christian historical fiction novel, book 3 of the Quaker Brides series by Lyn Cote.The setting is the Civil War, the year is 1863. The prologue opens with Nurse Faith Cathwell struggling for life and her freeborn friend, Shiloh, who is kidnapped and sold by slave catchers. Faith sets out to find her childhood friend at risk of losing her own life.        Colonel Devlin Knight is introduced during a Civil War fight scene. Colonel Devlin is on the Union side. Devlin's cousin, Jack, is on the confederate side and badly wounded. However, Devlin takes care of him, bringing him back to health, only to be betrayed by him. Colonel Devlin chose Nurse Cathwell to mend his cousin.   `Faith` is a dramatised narration. This novel is written in honor of those who have lost loved ones who fought for all our freedoms. Faith knows what it is like to lose someone you love. Her very own sibling, her twin, passed away from measles.        There is at least 1 main plot and 2 subplots. The …

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I have a question for those reviewers using Blogging for Books. I am trying to send them my review and I keep getting an error message. I asked my techy son about it and he said it's on their end. I have emailed them 3x with no response.
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Review: A Fifty Year Silence

`A Fifty Year Silence` is a personal biography written by author Miranda Richmond Mouillot about her grandparents wartime experiences. I expect this book will bring tears as well as some happy thoughts. Miranda's grandparents both made it alive through WWII. Her grandfather, Armend, became an interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials. The author's position in this biography is to solve the mystery or her grandparents estrangement. Miranda states this is a true story, but it is a work of memory, not a work of history. She relied on historical sources, conversations and letters, as well as her own reflections about them (see: Author's Note in book). There is a map which shows Armand's and Anna's, the grandmother, journey, both while they were together and apart. Miranda attributed this book to her grandmother who died before the book was published.
      While reading the preface my heart began to break for this family. The grandmother passed away and the grandfather lost …

Update: Travel the World in Books (3)

We have been reading our third book in this challenge. Would you believe we began this book last June and just recently finished our third book. We only get bits and pieces because I usually read the books while hubby eats breakfast.
Our Third Book Was: Waterfall: A Novel
This is a story about time-travel, romance, and war. Sisters Gabriella and Evangelia become separated from their archelologist mother and happen upon a portal to the past in an ancient, Etruscan tomb.The sisters wind up in the castles of opposing families during the Feudal Period of 14th century Italy. They endure hardships common even among royalty of the period, enduring sickness, injury, suspicion, and deceit. Told from the first-person perspective of the older sister, this is a tale of knights, chivalry, sword and shield battles, and a budding romance with the castles heir. The handsome and dashing Marcello.  Will they survive their ordeal and make it back safely to the 21st century?
Author: Lisa T. Bergren Setti…