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     "The Prophetess" by author Jill Eileen Smith is a historical fiction novel about a wise prophet named Deborah. The novel opens with playful bickering of her boys, and Deborah wondered whether the baby she carried would hopefully be a girl. Deborah urged her people to pray to Adonai for help to be free from Sisera and Jabin, their tormentors. While praying she also urged them to repent. God called Deborah to lead her people away from false gods and back to the One true God. God gave her a vision with the right to speak for her people and to pray for them. Israel compromised and did not fully obey God. If they did not root out the cause of their own faithlessness, they would never be free of Canaan's oppression (pg. 48).
       I suggest reading Judges 4-5 before beginning this book, for a little background information. The book's scripture quotations come from The Holy Bible (ESV). This 356-page novel is very detailed in the writing of Deborah the Prophetess. I would recommend this book to readers interested in historical fiction or in Women of the Bible.

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Disclaimer: I was compensated with this book by Revell for my honest review.


Sandee said…
I would like this book. In fact I've like all the books I've purchased that you've recommended.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Hi Michelle! I was glad to see this beautiful depiction of Deborah. Women in ministry is close to our hearts and we've got lots of posts on the topic on our shared blog, Real Church Life. It's Tina from Amanda's Books and More and 1camera1mom. Wishing you a blessed week!
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