Live Loved (Margaret Feinberg)

           `Live Loved` is an adult coloring book based on Christian religion. Each page has an area to color along with a scripture verse to meditate on. The back of each good qualty paper is a section called `Pray and Reflect`. There is also a section on `How to use this book`, which is very helpful.
      I find each verse to be relaxing, as well as the coloring. I first heard about adult coloring books in January 2016. Although I believe they made their debut in 2015. When I first heard about adult coloring books I thought they must be rated-X. To my pleasant surprise, I have found many Christian Adult color books and no X-rated books.I am glad Christian publishers are among those publishing these books.
      I tried coloring with permanent markers and found they bled through the page. So now I use watercolor pencils and very pleased with the outcome. I have about 10 such books and find them to be elegantly done and relaxing. I feel like author Margaret Feinberg did a wonderful compilation of artwork and verses.

Where to Purchase

Disclaimer: This is a book I bought myself for my own enjoyment.


Sandee said…
I would enjoy this every much. I don't think anyone is too old to color.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
That looks like a great coloring book. I have a few coloring books but haven't started using them yet!
Bluerose said…
I love these coloring books, too! They are perfect for when my hubby is watching TV, so I can't concentrate on a book, but I still want to be near him.

I always feel weird calling them "adult coloring books", too, for the very reason you mentioned. ;)
Janet Kirk said…
I love everything by Margaret Feinberg! I plan to get one of her coloring books soon!
While I'm not personally into coloring, I appreciate any type of books that promote Scripture memorization and meditation. Our blogging community would be blessed if you shared this at the Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup. #LMMLinkup
I don't color myself, but I can see where it would be relaxing. And what a great way to get creative and also think on Scripture!

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