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Review: Come Empty

The very subdued, feminine look of the cover is what drew me to this devotional by Saundra Dalton-Smith. There are eight sections each concentrating on a different life area. They range from negative emotions to positive emotions, gratitude and so much more. Each devotional is listed by a certain day number ( ex. Day #20), but not date. So the reader may begin anytime, reading in order from day #1 _ day #80. It is also possible to read devotionals under ' Relationship with God and titled An invitation to Come Empty. I believe any woman, at any stage in life, can appreciate the invitation to come empty. Each day has a 'Your Heart's Cry' section which is just as the title suggests that is a cry from your heart. A 'His Reply' section, where Jesus speaks to the readers heart. Plus, scripture to read ,'Going Deeper Question's, and a 'Simple Prayer'. Each section takes just a short amount of time. The reader could read the devotional in the morning, a…

Review: A Son's Vow

'A Son's Vow' is a fictional Amish novel written by Shelley Shepard Gray. There are insights, interviews, recipes, and more in this novel. I am especially interested in the recipes since I enjoy cooking. Also, the novel as a whole interests me since I have son's. The second novel in ' The Charmed Amish Life' series is to be published under the title 'A Daughter's Dream' in May 2016.
    The novel opens to a lively ' Welcome to Charm, Ohio's map. There are roads, houses shops, a goat eating someone's plant; among other good tidbits. I am reading some heavy books and this book looks inviting and fun. However, sadly, the novel opens with talk of a fatal accident at the local mill.
    The beginning setting is a pale blue sky, lush green farmland. Spring lambs have arrived and frolicking in the fields with eager bleating of anticipation of Spring. The type of day that reminds the reader God is alive and real. This type of day does not ri…

Review: Beyond The Silence

'Beyond the Silence' (Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse) opens with violence. The female protagonist, Lillian Porter, is leaving her hometown and headed to Angels Camp, California; for a nanny position. After Lillian's grandmother passed away her grandfather, who is usually doting and kind, turned into a beast. Before her grandmother passed, her last words were to tell Lillian to follow her dreams. Lillian's dream was to follow the will of the Lord.
      As I delve into this novel I am really not sure what it's about. It does not give a clue, which is good. I am sure there will be lots of twists and turns. 'Beyond the Silence' is a heavy novel to read. Almost had me in tears from the get-go. So the reader may want to keep tissues handy. I like the resolve of the characters to never give up no matter how grim things may seem, or be, they never give up. Even though there is violence I believe the authors intent is to bring the characters, and read…