Review: One More Step

    'One More Step' is a Christian womens book to overcoming obstacles. Although most of the book of Psalms is for encouragement, author Rachel Wojo points out one chapter that speaks of despair. It's a Psalm that lets the Christian woman know it's ok to ache with sadness. There are activities throughout the book to help the reader through each process. As I worked each 'Stepping Stone' I was able to process just a little more and understand more about myself. The reader can add these 'steps' to their own journal or print out a beautiful companion journal at:  I like the graphic on page 19 in which Rachel states:   Hope in people = Disappointed.    Hope in things = Distracted.  Hope in ourselves = Devastated.    Hope in Christ = Delivered

    Rachel writes of her divorce, remarriage and a special needs daughter with MPS (mucopolysaccharidosis). I believe the authors thesis could be summed up in this one statement from page #79. God's immense grace brings joy in the midst of suffering.

I recommend this book to every reader who is going through a hard time or knows someone who is.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

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