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Review: One More Step

'One More Step' is a Christian womens book to overcoming obstacles. Although most of the book of Psalms is for encouragement, author Rachel Wojo points out one chapter that speaks of despair. It's a Psalm that lets the Christian woman know it's ok to ache with sadness. There are activities throughout the book to help the reader through each process. As I worked each 'Stepping Stone' I was able to process just a little more and understand more about myself. The reader can add these 'steps' to their own journal or print out a beautiful companion journal at:  I like the graphic on page 19 in which Rachel states:   Hope in people = Disappointed.    Hope in things = Distracted.  Hope in ourselves = Devastated.    Hope in Christ = Delivered

    Rachel writes of her divorce, remarriage and a special needs daughter with MPS (mucopolysaccharidosis). I believe the authors thesis could be summed up in this one statement from p…

Review: The Golden Braid

'The Golden Braid' (Melanie Dickerson) is a retelling of 'Rapunzel'. The year is 1413, in the village of Ottelfelt, southwest of Hagenheim, the Holy Roman Empire. The novel opens with Wendell Gotekens telling Rapunzel of his wish to marry her; which Rapunzel quickly said, 'No'. Her mother had told her no man is worthy of her. Even though this is a modern retake on Rapunzel, I did not like the sexual innuendos in this version.
       My favorite character is Knight Sir Gerek. He is more than willing to save Rapunzel, the peasant and her mother, from disaster.  In ' The Golden Braid' there is sexual innuendos, as I mentioned, as well as some frightening parts with some violence. So, I would not recommend this novel to a soft-hearted reader. I did like how Sir Gerek prayed to God to forgive him of wanting riches and status more than giving love to a woman.(page 239)
          This novel ends much different than the reader might expect and I think it …