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Five Minutes for Books hosts `What's On Your Nightstand` every fourth Tuesday of each month. Where readers share what they have read, what they are reading and what they plan to read for the next month.

Well, this has been a rough few months, surprising I read anything or even published anything. First, I was in the hospital, next hubby has been laid off for (3) months due to medical reasons, then lightening struck our modem, and then our router went out (2) days after the warranty guarantee. I have unavoidably learned how to schedule posts and learned more tricks about my tablet. Oh, the tire blew out, while our son was driving, an hour away. He learned how to change a tire and he had to change it with the smaller size spare. That was probably the longest hour he's seen.

Oh my, weren't we talking about books? Tally-ho...

What I read:

Glory Days(Max Lucado) my review

God For The Rest of Us (Vince Antonucci) my review

Through Waters Deep (Sarah Sundin) my review

The Potter's Lady (Judith Miller) my review

Think Like Heaven (Bob Hazlett) my review

A Heart's Home (Colleen Coble) my review

At Any Cost (Mike & Hayley Jones) my review

For September:

Gather Around the Amish Table

Homespun Christmas

Patriot Heart

Angel with Steel Wings

Healer of Carthage


Sandee said…
I've got a pile of books I've read this last month. I so love to read.

Sorry you're having so many bumps in the road. I hope things smooth out for you soon.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

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