Review: God for the Rest of Us

                      `God for the Rest of Us` written by Pastor Vince Antonucci is about a God who loves us all. Pastor Vince tells of people in his church who he witnesses to. A God who loves everyone from prostitutes, to addicts, and to dysfunctional families. He speaks against bullhorn Christians. Showing you can make a presentation the same way bullhorn Christians do, but by proving God is a loving God.
                        Pastor Vince Antonucci pastors Verve, an innovative church that seeks to reach people who work on, and live around, the Las Vegas Strip. The television series `God for the Rest of Us` chronicles Vince's work. Vince's new book will help you see that Jesus didn't come for those who have it all together, He came for those who need love, grace, and forgiveness.
                         My first impression of this book was questionable at the least. Asking myself, `Do I measure up? Exactly who are the Rest of Us? Do I pass? Is this book for me? I agreed with Pastor Vince's point about bullhorn Christians. So, I read on. As a committed Christian I also do not agree with the approach of bullhorn Christians. I believe you should love, or at least be friends with, before presenting Christ to them. Not ram their sins down their throat.
                          I recommend this book to Christians who are `better than others`, Christians who wonder where they fit in, and seekers looking for truth.

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 Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes from Tyndale Publishers.


Linda Kay said…
Michelle, there is some quote that indicates that when people find out you are a Christian they shouldn't be surprised, because of your actions. Sounds like an interesting book.
Sandee said…
I don't care for the Christians that are better than the rest of us. They are judgmental. There was is the only way. That's why hubby and I quit going to church. We are people who often make mistakes.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Michelle F said…

Hubby and I are thinking that right now.
I like participating in our ladies group, that's about it.
We have gone to church all our lives, but things have changed.

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