Review: Tattered and Mended

                   "Tattered and Mended"  is a non-fiction book for the man or woman with a wounded soul. "The reader is the object of God's eye", says author Cynthia Ruchti. If we allow Him, God will bring us from `tattered to mended.` Jesus did not respond with accusation but with the heart of a servant.
                Cynthia later says, "Maybe we are asked  to be dark stitches among the light." (p. 23) Much of the book eluded me, even though we each have a mending place. I would give this book 4*, as I do recommend it to the reader who is tattered and torn and is looking for some answers. Because, as the author states in chapter ten, Only the eye of creativity sees brokenness as pre-art.
                  If God created a lineage for Jesus from a harlot, He can change anyone's circumstances. "Faith tells us God sees the art that isn't yet born in us." (p. 156)
                  The author ends the book with several suggestions on things the reader can do to help God mend them.

Disclaimer: I received `Tattered and Mended` complimentary for review.


Sandee said…
Sounds like a pretty deep read if you're having a bit of issue understanding some of the book. It does sound like a worthwhile read though.

Have a blessed Sunday. ☺
Grantham Lynn said…
Oh this sounds wonderful. I would so like to read it.
Thanks for sharing! Have a great week.

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