Review: Real Food for Rookies

                                        Real Food for Rookies (Buy Here)

             My introduction to `Real Food for Rookies` was one of scepticism.
I thought this was going to be another cookbook on how to throw out all your processed foods, and start afresh. Instead, author Kelly Moeggenborg (affectionately known as `Kelly the Kitchen Kop`) gently guides you through the transitioning part, and admits she still doesn't have it all figured out.
              This is my first time reviewing a cookbook, so I met it with apprehension. Blogging 101 was quite helpful, (Thanks, Blogging 101). I was attracted to the book because of the bright, catchy cover and the fact it states "Real Food." When it comes to cooking I am not a rookie. However, when it comes to cooking with real food, and not artifical, I am considered a rookie.
                                            Kelly the Kitchen Kop
               There are two sections in the book. Section one helps the cook transition from processed to real food. Giving the reader quick facts and references. Session two helps prepare the cook to move the family from junk food to real food. With making food like pizza crust, french fries, and ice cream naturally.
                Several links are dispersed throughout the book. The cook will also find references listed in Appendix A, in the table of contents. Kelly wants the cook to succeed so she simplfies everything in the book.
                 The recipes have footnotes for serving suggestions. Listing several ways of preparing the food. So the cook is not stuck in a rut. I like Jenny McGruther's quote on page 135. "Learn to cook well. Eating nourishing, healthy foods isn't about denial; rather, it's about enjoyment and appreciation for flavor, seasonality and tradition."
                   The only real thing I didn't like about the book was the page numbers, which are very small and hard to see. I recommend this book to all cooks, even `rookie` cooks.

Author Bio:
My “official” bio:
Kelly had a “food transformation” when she discovered the Weston A. Price Foundation in 2004 after a long-time love affair with convenience foods.  She began passionately researching how to eat and live better, and on January 1st, 2008 the ‘politically incorrect’Kelly the Kitchen Kop blog was born.  She now loves to help others with the knowledge she gained from her own family’s transition to Real Food.  In addition to blogging, Kelly also teaches an online class called, ‘Real Food for Rookies‘, and helps individuals become healthier through one-on-one phone or in-person consultations.  Also check out her new book: Real Food for Rookies!   Kelly lives near Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband of 27 years and is a former Weston Price local co-chapter leader.  As if life wasn’t crazy enough, she also now homeschools three of their children, with their eldest graduated from college and on his own.
Disclaimer: I received `Real Food for Rookies` direct from the author for my honest review.


Linda Kay said…
Michelle, it looks interesting for sure. I have gone to the Internet for recipes so much now and have stacks of cook books I never use. Maybe this one would be different?
Sandee said…
Oh this is what we all need to do. I'm so moving in this direction. Hubby and I realize the importance of giving up all the processed junk.

Great, great, great review.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Sounds like a great book and very important for our health.
Dee said…
Hi Michelle! It's been a little while. I enjoyed your review and that sounds like a book that I should be reading. Of course there are days that I'm very careful about what I eat and there are days that anything goes. Lately, too many days have been like that. Oh well, I hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend... :)